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Dave O.
Tue, 6 Sep 2016

Seeing in the Dark to Live Again Spiritually

Life starts with awareness. A person develops spiritually when their awareness opens and develops. We experience, explore, understand and appreciate better when we have greater awareness. The transformative benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission are more enjoyable and deeply effective and when the recipient has a greater awareness of the Enlightenment Transmission’s effects and caused sensations.

The human body is, in fact a sensory tool, from head to toe, which receives not only sensory data from the physical world but cognitive and emotional impressions from everything alive. We in turn, react to that sensory data and those emotional impressions. How we react determines the quality, meaning and value of our lives. Our aim should be to have internal and external congruity, in which the entire being works in harmony to fulfil a centrally directed purpose. Suffering for most people is caused by internal contradictions wherein parts of themselves fight against them and sabotage their best aims.

Right and appropriate activity depends on clean, clear appreciation of the world around oneself. Hence sensory data and impressions need to be unfiltered, properly referred and fully perceived. In computing there is an expression: “garbage in, garbage out” - which means a computer system cannot produce anything useful if it is given inaccurate or incomplete data. Similarly, a human being cannot act properly if they do not have mission-critical information, in which case, they can be said to be “in the dark”. It follows that such a person needs to have the darkness removed, moved out of the darkness or be able to see in the dark. The most versatile and universally applicable option is to “see in the dark” because the other options are not always practicable.

The fact is that human beings are surrounded by several kinds of darkness. Firstly, their “inner eyes” are not properly open or functioning correctly. Secondly, they are distracted by internal noise. Thirdly, they are distracted by the many worldly things. Fourthly, they do not understand what they perceive because of a “cognitive fog”.  Finally, the world is actually full of dark energies that gather around people.

Clearly, if a spiritual seeker is to make progress they need to open up their spiritual senses. To the degree that they are successful, this will seem to others that they can see in the dark. At first, their perceptions will be unclear, as if seeing through muddy water - but there will, nonetheless be information and impressions to be gained. If a person persists and moves beyond inevitable frustration then eventually they will be able to better decipher the received impressions.

A whole new world of discovery awaits you. There are more energies, beings and communications flitting around in the multi-dimensional energy worlds than you can imagine. Not only is it fun and amusing to perceive the various kinds of energy but it is vital for your ability to achieve your most important and profound goals.

The online class ‘Seeing in the Dark – Awakening to the True Purpose of Spiritual Energies’ will explore the importance of be able to see in the dark and how to open up this precious and essential ability.