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Dave O.
Mon, 26 Sep 2016

The War On Truth Has Been Successful – Click “Like” If You Agree

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching supports truth seekers to claim back minds crippled by the ubiquitous War on Truth.

For thousands of years the average human being has waited for the peace and happiness promised by political and religious leaders. According to New Agers that promise is about to imminently be fulfilled, so they stated at least as early as 1980 - now it’s 2016. By contrast, a significant percentage of American and British Christians believe that the world is about to end. Conclusion: Don’t get your information from places where people don’t do their own thinking; always think for yourself unless like most people you don’t mind being spoon-fed toxic thoughts and food.

Some New Agers and Christians believe it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The POAs (Presidents of America) have been saying the same too – for decades. The fact is it’s only going to get worse and worse, there never will be a better - unless something radically different happens. Knowledge of that radical solution has never been made public Even if it was, the average human minds would not see it even if it were in front of their eyes because have been conditioned to not see Truth.

Understanding these disconcerting points is the beginning of the end of your current belief system. When you eventually rebel against all that you have believed, your mind will start to awaken. It’s painful at first, inelegant and aesthetically unpleasing. People who get into that phase become troubled and troublesome. Consequently most people will avoid awakening. No one wants to be the sore thumb that sticks out and gets hammered to back down. Simply tell them “don’t rock the boat” and they will unprotestingly go back to their unedifying and rotting lives.

Things won’t get better because there is a war on truth. It has been so successful that it’s now merely a campaign against knowing. It’s no longer necessary to break people’s minds because they are broken from birth. Babies never taste a moment of freedom but are instead are immediately tagged, weighed, measured, inoculated, given a tax number and inducted into a slave system at birth. It’s an elegant prison system that gets more effective every day. Eventually everything about everyone will be known and no one will be able to escape a system that has no freedom. Mankind will be treated like farm cattle – bred to work, serve or titillate someone’s appetite.

People who think they know something believe that the human race’s problems are caused by corrupt politicians and religious leaders. The real cause however is invisible. The problem is thought. Thought rules the world, not people. The thought system of human beings has been crippled. The mainstream believes things even when the evidence clearly proves that they are untrue. Religious and spiritual teachings are based on the same corrupted thinking. If you want to awaken then you need to tear down the all belief structures that have been imprinted upon your mind. Every belief must go because all were made upon an uneven foundation and within an impure foundry.

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is helping truth seekers to tear down the false belief systems that inhabit their mind and to find their Wisdom Channel. Claim back your mind.