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Dave O.
Mon, 26 Sep 2016

The Ancestral Dimension Missing from Impersonal Enlightenment Teachings

In this article I question the efficacy of popular spiritual concepts such as Impersonal Enlightenment (which is in fact ironically an erroneous search for Personal Liberation) and present the radical suggestion that no one is an individual because they are their ancestors.

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Spiritual seekers tend to view the world’s major religions as distorted, impractical, incomplete or just plain wrong – which they are. But alternative spiritual teachings suffer from the same shortcomings. The root cause of this problem is that everyone has been programmed by a subtle ancient belief system that prevents them from becoming Awakened or Enlightened.

It’s deathly dangerous to believe in something that is dead wrong. A number of spiritual teachings, cause psychological and social harm and will never lead to Enlightenment. Spiritual seekers seem unable to assess these belief systems for their flaws and weaknesses and yet tragically are willing to surrender to them.

Recently in Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching classes and online posts, I have questioned the validity and efficacy of believing in reincarnation. This is a risky play for a spiritual teacher because 95% of alternative spiritual seekers, commonly misclassified as New Agers, believe in reincarnation. If I told people what they wanted to believe I would become very popular. However part of my purpose is to relieve people of their erroneous beliefs, not to be liked.

A pernicious trend in modern spiritual circles is to deny that an individual exists. It sounds ridiculous and yet you can actually hear so-called spiritual seekers earnestly claiming “Who are you talking to? There is no one here!” It’s an intellectual form of suicide. Of course, none of these people actually live out that belief since they would quickly cease to exist. Such perverse beliefs seem tenable only because deep down people carry far worse fundamental erroneous beliefs.

Modern Western society promotes the fallacious axiom that a human being is a person and an individual. There’s something weird about believing yourself to be an individual. If you look deeply into it you will find that your identity evaporates, which causes a kind of Awakening. But it’s a trick that doesn’t go far enough because whilst you may find yourself without any identity, you still don’t know what you are. Some spiritual seekers have experienced that kind of No Mind and erroneously think that if they could stay in that state that their existential problems would disappear. Thus they seek to snuff out their existence cognitively by intellectually avowing that they are not an individual.

When properly guided, a person can easily and quickly find out that they are not an individual. But this is just the beginning of a search for understanding, not the end. The problem of individuality starts with an erroneous belief. Erasing that erroneous belief does not create knowledge, it simply creates relief.

In fact, no one is an individual, everyone is their ancestors. Spiritual seekers complete the purpose of their existence not try to rub out the idea that they exist.

Every individual is a continuation of a family lineage. Even though your umbilical cord no longer connects you to your mother, you are nonetheless comprised of your mother’s tissue and your father’s DNA. In turn your parents are comprised of their parents’ physical tissue and DNA. Energetically, emotionally and intellectually you are connected to your parents and to their ancestral lineage. This has huge consequences for you. Spiritual teachings that get no further than denying the existence of individual personhood never notice the reality and importance of ancestral lineage for spiritual progress. Understanding it is necessary for you, your family, your ancestors and the entire human race because there is something to still be achieved: Ancestral Restoration. I told you that I would introduce you to uncommon ideas. Will you find out how true and useful this is for you?