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Dave O.
Mon, 3 Oct 2016

Spiritual Seekers Who Will Never Escape the Gravitational Pull of UnEnlightenment Whilst They Avoid True Human Relationships

Believing that you don’t exist is another insanely crazy and dangerous pseudo-spiritual belief!

Saying "I don't exist" 10,000 times will never get you Enlightened.

If you have a human body, were born to human parents and live on planet Earth then you should embrace a wholesome life of living, loving and relating. Focusing solely upon the topic of Consciousness is escapist and impractical.

"You believe what?"

Those who deny that they are a “person” come dangerously close to denying that they are a human being. This kind of surreal thinking is being practised in certain Western ‘spiritual’ circles and is being actively promoted by highly visible Indian Hindu gurus on YouTube alongside my own Enlightenment Teaching videos. One unfortunate aberration of these misguided ideas is the institution of monks and nuns.
I agree with the sentiment “you are not who you think you are” in common with many other spiritual and religious teachers. However I differ from them – because unlike them I will not tell you what or who you are. I’m not going to ask you to believe. You will not be reduced to a few words of definition. Instead I am going to work with you so that you find out who or what you truly are.

Beliefs tend to reach a critical mass in the public mind. Memes are beliefs that seek to preserve and propagate themselves. Religion is a meme – and it’s not always good for you. The worst kind of meme is not the religion that you know, but the religion that you don’t know. These invisible belief systems there have never been named or defined, hence very few people know about it.

These invisible memes have preserved, propagated and hidden themselves within the global human mind over innumerable generations, causing the split in human consciousness and the existence of UnEnlightenment and Enlightenment. Those who seek only Enlightenment but not human relationship are lost in the chasm within human consciousness that opened up between UnEnlightenment and Enlightenment. You can never become a full human spiritual being unless you are both Enlightened and fully in your body relating to human life at the same time.