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Dave O.
Mon, 17 Oct 2016

Enlightenment Transmission: Healing Humanity’s Fragmented Ancestral Psyche

The purpose of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is to return you back Home. In this sense the “Teaching” is not teaching but a “Way”, not a way of life but the way back Home.

You won’t get Home by learning concepts, studying philosophy, reading poetry, practising rituals or techniques or trying to be a better person. To get back Home you need to be taken there ever so gently until you have properly arrived. This Homeward journey has been experienced by spiritual seekers when they came into contact with the Enlightenment Transmission.

On 19 June 2000 I arrived Home, I became Enlightened. After that I discovered that when I met others they would have Awakenings, entering  open spaces of consciousness, which seemed like Enlightenment. I was puzzled why these did not become full-blown Enlightenment and resolved to understand these mysteries.

I have attributed my own Enlightenment, and the Awakenings of others, to an intelligent phenomena that I call the Enlightenment Transmission. But simply observing this miracle and being able to name it, doesn’t explain the mystery. I love the Enlightenment Transmission. Slowly I am discovering how miracles are being made.

The split is in the mirror too!

The most essential miracle is to return order to a broken, chaotic system. In this case I am referring to the human race. Initially I assumed that my gifts could only ever be properly shared in a one-to-one context and hence that it would be ineffective to focus solely upon large group work. However recent Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teachings have shown that we are all interconnected and that a person is not in fact an individual but an entire family lineage. This means that I don’t actually work with individuals, I work with ancestral networks. Only in this way might the human race be saved, individual work is far too slow.

The Ancestral View within the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching gives me unexpected hope and continuous joy.

First of all, the Ancestral View has helped me understand many energetic mysteries that have happened to myself around the Enlightenment Transmission.

Secondly, the Ancestral View helps make sense of many things that have gone wrong in the world.

Thirdly, the Ancestral View provides a powerful way to solve the problems that individuals have.

Fourthly, the Ancestral View provides a way to prepare individuals to know themselves and express it, in other words: to become Enlightened.

Fifthly, the Ancestral View prepares the way for the human race to naturally become harmonious, joyful, peaceful and loving.

In the next online class I am going to explain how the Enlightenment Transmission works its magic and performs miracles. In this case the miracle is to heal a fragmented psyche and thereby allowing it to once again become a Temple of God, in other words, a Home or the Soul. Go here to learn about this online class:  Heal the Ancestral Psyche, Save the World