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Dave O.
Sat, 22 Oct 2016

A Proposal That Could Not Be Refused - The Enlightenment Transmission Weekend

Possibly, maybe it’s time for an Intensive online! It’s been awhile, although it was requested many moons ago.

With no residential Retreat on the horizon at the moment but with a need to deliver Retreat-Intensity Transmission, our humble weekly 2 hour Live Online Class cannot contain all of the excitement and are bursting at the seams! We need larger containers for all the ancestral outpouring. Hence I am proposing an Online Intensive as a more spacious upgrade container.

I am considering how much time to allocate to this Online Intensive. At first I wondered whether a Full Weekend Intensive was too much for some of you and whether my voice could survive. But it would be mean-spirited to offer something less than what it could be! The Ancestors have an Agenda - and it’s well behind schedule. It would be unfair to not deliver.

So, whether or not anyone can make it to The 2 Day Intensive, I have to be there - moving the Ancestral Restoration Plan along. I hope this doesn’t ruin anyone’s weekend party plans.

I have a title for the Intensive but am not releasing it just yet because I’m curious who will sign up without any event description inducements. The price will be the same as for previous online 2 Day Intensives. I am pondering whether to start at the same time as for weekly Live Online Classes or earlier. Note that European clocks ‘fall’ backwards by one hour on Sunday, 30th October 2016.

Will there be an MP3 of the Intensive? There might be eventually but an Intensive MP3 is unlikely to appear on DaveOshana.com for a long time.

Will there be a Replay of the Intensive? Yes, possibly some, streamed by appointment only, at limited times, but probably not on DaveOshana.com for a long time.

Can newcomers attend? Yes: if they are ready. Ask by email as soon as you read this if you are interested.

Everyone: please would you let me know your thoughts and wishes?

Blessings in advance,
Dave Oshana

Enlightenment-Now - because time is running out

UPDATE 28.10.2016: Full Intensive details are here:
Course Corrections: Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream

And this is the reasoning that led to following "the proposal":
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