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Dave O.
Fri, 28 Oct 2016

The Slave to Love Date with Destiny Weekend Intensive with Your Ancestors

I’m a slave to love. Romanticise that all you like but the fact is being a slave, a slave to anything, even to the most ecstatic of pursuits comes at a cost. I am not referring to kinky. I am a slave to the Enlightenment Transmission –at least that’s what I would have told you last year – until it became clear that I had been working in fact for your ancestors all along. If I wasn't such a quiet type then I’d announce that I am beinghuman trafficked.

Dave - just before he was captured

Anyone who has been paying attention will now suspect that it’s true: all those long unpaid hours, abuse, sympathy pains and sicknesses that I have seemingly willingly experienced to help others with neither fuss nor fame. Your exalted Enlightenment Teacher, who presumably had the freedom to access every kind multi-dimensional pleasure, was secretly a basement-dwelling slave washing every kind of ancestral dirty laundry sent down. Interesting to recall now that two surfers had titled me “Cosmic Cleaning Dude”.

Why the bathetic preamble? Because it’s Friday! Today I had to decide if I was going to make good on my recklessly impromptu promise to run a 2-day Live Online Weekend Intensive, fully aware that many regular participants would have schedule conflicts and so were unlikely to attend. Fortunately, and unlike Hillary, I do not have PR advisors because they would now be accusing me of business and marketing suicide. But I am only proving that I don’t work for you, I work for your ancestors – and they have an arrangement that I have to keep.

Remember the “A Proposal That Could Not Be Refused” newsletter? It was right. This week a relative newcomer to the Teaching ‘schooled’ me in their first One-to-One. Everyone thinks they know better than me. But she was right. “You don’t have any choice really do you?” she said knowingly. “Not exactly, I have some degree of choice” I fatefully and inaccurately stated. Who was I kidding? Payback is a beach - in Finland – it’s where I do my One-to-Ones even in driving icy sleet because my peculiar clientele prefer nature for its privacy and unsurpassed ambience. It took less than 12 hours to realise that I was wrong. I had told a “porky pie”, a lie, a fib. You have no idea how excruciating that is. As a Teacher I don’t have the luxury to be a Truth-bender.

The context for all of this is that I thought that I could change the dates and times of the 2-day Live Online Weekend Intensive – but I can’t! I now know for certain, as I had suspected all along, that some participants cannot make the 29-30th October dates and/or the 5pm local start time. But I also know, if it’s any consolation, that those dates and times are perfect for some other participants. I have almost always aimed to please the largest number of participants by making rare one-time-only wisdom live events available to as many as possible. But sometimes I just can’t do that, sometimes I have to teach at a given time and place, no matter how unsuitable for others. I am trusting that my participant group will understand. Anyone who doesn’t understand will probably have be ‘in the wind’ some time ago. This journey that we make is rare, special and sometimes difficult. We are pioneers.

29-30th October is a date with destiny that I cannot change. Your ancestors have set this up in advance. I am sorry for those who could not attend. I did my best to renegotiate the time. I am sorry also that I didn’t confirm the event to those who promised to attend the event on faith and trust without even having any details about it. You have waited patiently for your ancestral hook-up.

There’s a time change on Sunday, European clocks ‘fall’ back 1 hour but I think the 5pm local start time will remain because I’ve learned that in matters of divine timing nothing can be changed.

And so, without further ado, here are the details of the 2-day Live Online Weekend Intensive, 29-30th October: Course Corrections: Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream