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Dave O.
Mon, 5 Dec 2016

Spot the Fake: Personal, Impersonal and Inter-Connected Enlightenment

Enlightenment is better than you have been led to believe. The Enlightenment that you commonly hear about is not the real thing but a watered down, unexceptional, inadequate copy. The common seeker is easily fooled by the fake maps being sold in the spiritual market place.  The most common spiritual teachings are only popular because they are heavily marketed and mass produced - but they are ineffective. If you want to find the real thing then you need to open your senses, throw away acquired mental misconceptions and go back to basics and to first causes (meaning that which really drives you). I hope, for both of our sakes, that you are ready.

Enlightenment has been mislabelled and dangerously so. It is associated with detachment and a lack of passion, desire and involvement with life. Such a recipe will not lead to Enlightenment but to isolation, misery and disassociation.

Enlightenment does not simply mean “know yourself”. It means reaching out, touching hands, knowing me knowing you. Oneness is not a solitary state but interconnectedness. Existence didn’t produce you from Oneness only to blot you out and reabsorb you into effectively what could be termed Nothingness. That wouldn’t be heaven, it would be hell.

Love can only happen here: in existence. You will only grow, develop, live and learn here. Non-existence is death. I don’t know why some people have “drunk the Kool-Aid” of Hinduism and Buddhism and want to snuff their lives out. Okay, so you didn’t get the president that you wanted but life is not bad, it’s actually good, so put away the moksha. On the other hand if you go the route of self-repression, denial and isolation then naturally you won’t feel alive, you’ll feel miserable.

You might have heard Enlightenment being described as impersonal. Stay away from such vague nonsense. Enlightenment is such a deeply personal experience that it could be likened to a love affair with yourself, which is why rampant narcissism sometimes flies under the radar and sells itself as Enlightenment. Again, you got to open your senses and go back to first causes to discern the real thing. However Enlightenment is not just a personal experience but the start of interconnectedness. Enlightenment is an energetic meme that seeks to wake everyone up so that they can become truly what they are. Enlightenment is interconnected. It allows you to be you and me to be me. It does not obliterate identities but celebrates their unique expression and contribution.

Are you ready for the real thing? Join me in ‘Inter-Connected Enlightenment: You’ll Never Walk Alone’.