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Dave O.
Mon, 9 Jan 2017

The Secret Gift of Enlightenment Transmission - Witnessing God Moving Across the Material Universe - My Testimony

[Read this whilst listening to Moby (YouTube)]

I was so overwhelmed with sensations and experiences of connection during the New Year’s Silent Online Enlightenment Transmission Meditation that I was not able to communicate my gratitude until the next morning.

In that one meditation experience was everything that the Enlightenment Transmission is:  connection, correction and unimaginable possibilities.

I am overwhelmed, surprised and grateful that the Enlightenment Transmission always delivers a special required kind of care that no human being knows about.

The Enlightenment Transmission’s gift is rapid catalytic personal development. Whatever you need to wake up to reality will be provided. You will feel repairs being made in your nervous system. You will notice developments in your awareness. You will witness progress in your spiritual life being made with effortless inevitability. The Enlightenment Transmission is a conveyor belt that transforms broken lives, moving them from unseeing darkness into clear seeing light.

The Enlightenment Transmission is a Wave that inexorably moves through the Universe correcting everything untrue. Feeling the power and witnessing the effects of this Wave, I am in awe, trembling inside, breathless and on the verge of tears – I am witnessing God moving through matter.

In silence find the Enlightenment Transmission experience

I have been experientially sharing the power effects of the Enlightenment Transmission for 16 years. If I told you about it you would not believe it. If you experienced it, you might forget it. It’s only when it is happening that you know it is true. The mind cannot conceptualise the Enlightenment Transmission since it has never encountered anything like it.

My role is simply to get you to the door of Enlightenment Transmission. What happens next is your personal private experience. Of course, I am curious and I have witnessed many lives being transformed in the light of the Enlightenment Transmission.

The Wave of Enlightenment Transmission is so powerful that I have been reluctant to share it except with those who are willing to be personally guided by me. The door to Enlightenment Transmission is hidden unless I reveal it. No one can imagine that it even exists. It takes effort to describe it. Joy is communion with others within the Enlightenment Transmission - and is best shared in silence. When we are happy we do not need to speak - but if no one speaks then the world will not know that door to Enlightenment Transmission is now available.

Looking forward to 2017!

For many years I have enjoyed verbally sharing with those who experience Enlightenment Transmission. Those words have not been properly understood by those who have not experienced Enlightenment Transmission.

The New Year’s Silent Online Enlightenment Transmission Meditation provided an opportunity to share the experience of Enlightenment Transmission with all comers. It was fascinating to witness who registered and who actually attended. I could feel everyone – their wants and their needs – and what the Enlightenment Transmission was intending for each individual was immensely touching, gratifying and satisfying.

I could, of course, write much more - but we know now that we can also celebrate the Enlightenment Transmission in silence too. But then it is our thing. A powerful secret that we can share.

Happy New Year!

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