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Dave O.
Thu, 12 Jan 2017

Is There Really an Enlightenment Transmission Teaching?

There is a story about a leaderless people who wanted a king. The new king did make them happy but was a tyrant. No longer they wanted a king, now they wanted a freedom.

Beware! Spiritual teachings can indefinitely delay the freedom that you seek and reduce the freedom that you already have. To free you, a spiritual teaching would have to somehow fill you up in order to displace all falsity and then remove itself. The result would be emptiness and clarity.  An anti-virus program whose final act would be to safely self-destruct without leaving a trace.

[If you are in a hurry then skip to the practical solution class: ‘Rude Awakenings: The Effect of Raw Enlightenment Transmission Upon Naked Consciousness’]

A spiritual teaching without a spiritual teacher is like a human body without life it. Many spiritual teachings are fraudulent attempts to market something that was once alive and potent.

People ask for teaching because they have been taught to believe that knowing something will solve their existential problems - but it won’t. Knowing something is the problem.

When I mention “the Teaching” I do not refer to a body of knowledge. I always point to the source: the Enlightenment Transmission. The Enlightenment Transmission is an anti-teaching. The expression “Enlightenment Transmission Teaching” is an oxymoron, a Trojan horse.

Each adopted spiritual teaching adds another layer of plaster to the calcified façade of the false identity, a cosmetic improvement to delay the inevitable realisation that the whole corrupted edifice has to be torn down.

Naturally the prospect of denudation is terrifying for anyone with a lifelong dependency on cover - but it has to be faced, the sooner the better. Nudity is uncomplicated freedom.

The Enlightenment Transmission Teaching has provided a way to get comfortable and even excited with a slow and safe stripping away of the false identity - but the removal of the final piece that covers your most intimate secret place – you can never get comfortable about. And it’s not over until it’s over.

The question is: do you want a fast and rude awakening (success) or do you want a slow and endless striptease (failure)?

When I first started sharing Enlightenment there was no teaching, there was only a personal interaction, meeting me. There was no teacher to pin a label on. My attitude was “Are you talking to me? Because I don’t see anyone where.” But people started asking for a teaching. They wanted a teacher but they got neither - instead they got free.

Over the years, with me saying and doing so much, some have managed to concoct the idea that there actually is a teacher and a teaching! But there isn’t. I have called myself many things but the term “spiritual teacher” seemed only real for search engines to feed on. I did not no know what to call myself that would make sense. I likened myself to many roles: spiritual midwife, masseuse, cleaner, breast-feeder, fireman and guide – but these were unsuitable for search engines and would have generated odd enquiries. Fortunately, you are not a search engine, nor a concept cruncher, you are unbounded unalloyed Consciousness. The solution for you is not conceptual but experiential.

The best solution that I have found is to get cooked by the Enlightenment Transmission. Baked, poached, melted, raw, shredded or molecular - whatever …

Obviously this is a topic to be continued…