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Dave O.
Wed, 8 Feb 2017

Escaping the Virtual Reality Maze of the Secondary Self to Reunite Split Consciousness and Attain Enlightenment

Enlightenment is simply becoming reunited with your Consciousness. It’s a homecoming, a long awaited reunion.

The problem starts with a break in mind-body unity that is typically initiated by a shock to the nervous system so that the nascent psyche splinters and a second self is created.  The second self becomes a readily available proxy through which to relate to the world.  The second self is also utilised as a mask, shield and decoy to protect the original, authentic self from further shock.

As time, energy and attention are invested in the second self, a false identity is created.  Consequently, the false identity becomes the focal and reference point for a person’s sense of self in all worldly activities. The authentic self becomes effectively trapped within a wall of sandbags that it has created for protection. The walls grow and become a prison that completely breaks a person’s contact with their authentic self and life.

Sharing the space of Enlightenment

A sensitive person will become aware that the oxygen of life is being unaccountably sucked out of their existence. Symptoms include feeling increasingly dull, disassociated and uninspired. They are unlikely to be aware of exactly how much of themselves has been lost or how the problem started. It is highly likely that they will commission their false self to find a way out. Unfortunately this only compounds the problem since it thickens the wall of the prison.

Thought becomes co-opted to create a prison within a prison. A fictitious virtual reality is created to cope with the monotony of the unchanging inner landscape of the second self. The problem started with a shock, an inability to process a painful life event - such as, being shouted during infancy. The ability to handle life is not improved by fleeing the scene, the coping mechanism is not mended, but further worsens. Consequently the stack of unprocessed life events multiplies exponentially dumping more sandbags which thereby thicken the prison walls.  These dumped events leak from the sandbags into the inner virtual reality landscape to become negative hallucinations, self-created phantasms, imaginary foreign invaders and paranoia. Thus the inner landscape become populated with an ever-increasing number of windmills to fight, negotiate or run from. Eventually a person’s energy gets exhausted by this all-consuming task.

Clearly, attempts to resolve the problem by using the secondary self simply worsen the situation. It’s a diabolical vicious cycle, a prison created by the person’s own mental nervous energy. Naturally a person turns to their secondary self for help but the secondary self does not know how it was created. It does not know the inglorious circumstances and if it could know it would shield itself from the shocking truth because that is its purpose. Consequently, to protect itself against knowing, the second self clamps down like a huge shark shutting off all access to the oxygen of life and reality. Living in the darkness it does not have to face the truth. Many psychotherapies attempt to bring painful memories to the surface. Undoubtedly this can help but it is risky because a person may breakdown. They have broken once before and the fracture line still exists and is unhealed. Furthermore the shocking truth does not reveal the original truth.

The shocking truth relates to trauma. The original truth relates to joy. Before the shock that created the second self, a person lived in joy and bliss – this is before the prison was constructed. The original truth exists in the original self not the second self. However when the original self is recovered then the second self can receive joy. The second self does not necessarily disappear but it ceases to be a false identity. Thus a person returns to knowing their original self, their Consciousness, which represents home, joy and feeling secure.

A person cannot think or talk their way out of the prison of the second self since the prison adapts to every breakout attempt. The prison knows itself whereas the person trapped within the second self does not know where they are and will be a long way away from the imaginary perimeter walls. A person who tries to break out will be obstructed by many mysterious distractions that seem to emanate from their mind, body, emotions, relationships and life. The prison fights back and creates complicated mazes. It is hiding the truth about itself and the person.

You are wondering how you can break out of the prison. You are hoping that you can do it by yourself. You wish that there is some map that you can follow. It does not exist. You cannot do it alone. Many have tried and failed. You need someone who can see what is happening from the outside. That person can lead you. I am that person.

When we meet you can have your prison walls softened. More light and air will come in. You will have confirmatory experiences. This is how you will know that this true.

If you are interested then I highly recommend my online event which you can attend live or listen to afterward: ‘In and out of Consciousness’.

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