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Dave O.
Wed, 8 Feb 2017

I Want Fully Awake Consciousness, I Want Enlightenment

“I want to be fully conscious” – says the brave man on the operating table. But what does he mean? If we look deep into him, we find various unconnected states of consciousness, strange anomalies and things that don’t make sense and really aren’t what they seem.

Pick up a book on the psychology of consciousness and you will quickly enter an “Alice in Wonderland” type world filled with projections, optical illusions, perceptual distortions and waking hallucinations. The bizarre thing is that they are not describing extreme cases of psychopathology but everyday consciousness. It’s the same everyday consciousness shared by every member of your family – they are literally dreaming with their eyes wide open. It should be labelled “insanity” but since everyone is afflicted it is, by definition, termed “normal”.

What passes for ordinary everyday consciousness is not fully awake Consciousness.  The difference is more than just lowercase “c” and uppercase “C”. Everyday consciousness is a small pinhole view of the world, typically a moving snapshot that lacks real continuity and accuracy. What we “see” through our eyes is not the world but a succession of interpolated projected images – falsehoods - and so it is with all our senses – veritable fictions.

If everyday consciousness is a pinhole camera photo of the world then the world itself is Consciousness with an uppercase “C”. Consciousness is what really happens – what is – whilst everyday consciousness is a rough and rude facsimile of the world that is actually out there.

The reality-dom disparity is caused by a split in a person’s psyche. The split fractures and then fragments creating a secondary self. The secondary self becomes a false identity when a person identifies with it. In that moment a person loses touch with what they really are. What they really are is Consciousness.

Enlightenment happens when one re-joins with their Consciousness. That Consciousness somehow gets lost somewhere between conception and infancy. To re-enter that Consciousness requires leaving the everyday (false) self behind. Naturally such a journey is disorientating for the everyday self because it does not know what it really is, where it came from and what gives it life.

The false self is like a robot which upon achieving autonomy believes itself to be independent and conscious. The everyday self though is nothing but a moving fiction that constantly adjusts its projection to approximately match the changing world around it. Even spiritual seeking can be one such fictitious activity within this false reality. Such delusionary activities can never directly lead to full Consciousness since they circle the drain of the false identity’s unreality. Furthermore, the secondary self does not want to be usurped or to have its unreality exposed.

In and Out of Consciousness’ involves leaving the false self behind in order to experience your full, expanded self – a self that has no limits, boundaries, borders, space or time. Initially when we journey away from the false self it feels we have left behind everything that we believe to be real including our planet, culture, gravity and the illusion of solidity. When this occurs a person is initially unaware of exactly what happened. They may feel that time disappeared or presume that they were dreaming. They have no reference point because   their everyday mind did not come along on the journey to record, chart and analyse. Since they are unable to find a record of event in their memory they presume that it never existed. How convenient. Out of sight, out of mind, burying the evidence.

However something that is not mentally registered may be received physically or emotionally. Thus it happens that real things do not enter into everyday consciousness but are received in deeper, more profound Consciousness. Eventually our deep profound Consciousness may become integrated with our life thus making the secondary self and its everyday consciousness redundant.

By journeying ‘In and Out of Consciousness’ you can become familiar with your deepest reality and eventually know your true self – this is Enlightenment.

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