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Dave O.
Mon, 13 Feb 2017

Enlightenment Transmission and the Purification of Everyday Consciousness - A Recipe

[The article provides an introduction to the online experiential: ‘The Enlightenment Starter Kit: Enlightenment Transmission - The Transfer of Consciousness’]

Spirituality is meant to help you discover yourself. If you do not find yourself quickly then something is wrong with the procedure because the actual process is very simple. Stick to the basics and the result is guaranteed. A complication is an impurity, a diversion and a distraction. Clear seeing requires only simplicity. Good taste is based on purity

Contact with the Enlightenment Transmission brings immediate connection with one’s Self. That Self is unbounded Consciousness. Your everyday limited consciousness is already connected to unbounded, unlimited Consciousness. When the impurities attached to everyday consciousness are removed the unlimited Consciousness shines everywhere. The process is like finding bright sunshine everywhere after clouds have left the sky.

Sharing Consciousness

Consciousness begets Consciousness. Consciousness activates consciousness. Consciousness purifies consciousness. This process is called Enlightenment Transmission. Contact with the Enlightenment Transmission brings an immediate sense of unlimited Consciousness to the limited everyday consciousness. From thereon there is a natural process of attraction that is like Love wherein the consciousness moves towards Consciousness and is filled, cleaned and purified. Eventually everyday consciousness becomes unlimited Consciousness and consequently the  limited concept of self is expanded infinitely until it can no longer hold a finite concept of itself. In that moment experience becomes the guide and the mind’s concepts move away from the front of the mind towards the back. Some concepts drop off the back and are never seen again. Concepts of self-identification lose their relevance and are left behind forever.

Every Enlightenment Transmission contact is a direct experiential reminder of your true Self that happens outside of your mind. The experience seeps into every cell within your body because the cells are thirsty for context with the true Self, Consciousness.