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Dave O.
Tue, 14 Feb 2017

August Retreat – Expanded Consciousness and Enlightenment Transmission on a Natural Island

- The August Retreat -
an unparalleled opportunity

Dear Experiencers and Lovers of Enlightenment Transmission,

We are blessed to have the experience of Enlightenment Transmission. The biggest gift that we can give ourselves is space and time to completely immerse in the Enlightenment Transmission. For this reason I offer Enlightenment Transmission Retreats.

An Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is a portal to expanded Consciousness. The Retreat experience happens in a dimension that is outside of space and time and yet simultaneous with fantastic nature on a peaceful unpolluted island, tasty healthy food and plenty of time to relax and reflect.

Consciousness Opens on an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat

Our days and nights are filled with experiences that transcend what we once believed was reality. We witness past, present and future in a completely new way. We leave the Retreat forever changed, infinitely better for the experience. This is why I offer Retreats.

I am planning 7-Day Retreat in August. If you would like to attend then immediately email me. I would like to know your dates now.  The availability is from 4th-31st August. My preference would be to meet in early August to get as much summer sun as possible.

If you wish to attend the Retreat, please let me know:

  1. Which dates you would attend?
  2. Which dates you could not attend?
  3. Which dates you prefer?

Let Consciousness expand far beyond the body and mind,
Dave Oshana

* Interested newcomers who have never participated in a Retreat should make contact immediately to receive preparation guidance.