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Dave O.
Sun, 19 Mar 2017

The Gift: An Unimaginably Powerful Experience – The Online Silent Enlightenment Transmission Meditation

Do you ever wonder what it actually is that connects us?

Several hours afterward, I received feedback from an experiencer who was over 6,000 km away during Saturday’s ‘Online Silent Meditation’.

The experiencer was amazed, grateful and overwhelmed by "The Gift", having discovered that this was the most powerful experience of Enlightenment Transmission that they had ever had even though they are a veteran of several Enlightenment Transmission Retreats and a long-time experienced spiritual seeker. I don’t know what to say! Retreats are still extremely powerful because they are 7 days and nights of transcendental Enlightenment Transmission and real world experiences and transformations. But this testimony demonstrates how the Enlightenment Transmission is effective across any distance. We are all connected by something.

Consciousness is all around

In silence experience Enlightenment Transmission and Consciousness without distraction

If you have never experienced an online Silent Enlightenment Transmission Meditation future opportunities will be announced by the DaveOshana.com newsletter and website. Give it a chance – you never know where it will take you 6,000 km or to infinity and beyond!

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