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Dave O.
Wed, 29 Mar 2017

Exciting Feedback - First Ever Live Video Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

I am still freshly experiencing and enjoying the effects of the first ever live video Enlightenment Transmission Intensive - I completely lost track of time and then spoke without a break for 5 hours 15 minutes. The energy spiralled higher and higher - it was unstoppable and unmissable.

The Intensive was hilarious and serious at the same time, a lot of fun, and captured a form of personal relating that normally can only happen on a residential Retreat. The feedback expressed warmth, enjoyment and being blasted away by the energy and the content.

Here is some of the exciting feedback from different Intensive experiencers:

"I'm still totally blasted from yesterday's hilarious intensive."

"This past weekend’s intensive was extra sensory in so many ways it leaves me wordless. I was most struck by the balance of absolute seriousness behind the playful humor."

"I, too, experienced much humor in the intensive and am looking forward to whatever is in store for us all!"

"Even the time I spent sent me to bed for the rest of the still whirling about. work yesterday, was a trip. I wanted to tell you at one point I was watching you and your whole head area was a swirl of purple and white light.."

"I felt like I got a deeper insight into how the Transmission works with the group. Like the first hour or two, I felt like it was kind of bringing us together, harmonizing where we all were as a lead up to sharing deeper energy. At that point, I found myself much more relaxed and tending to keep the screen on speaker so that I was mainly seeing you and watching the light around you, which you at some point started to talk about. Even thinking about it now, I am getting that woozy feeling and starting to see the color of the light shift towards that magenta color."

This year Easter came earlier than expected. This Intensive was one-of-a-kind. I don't know if it can be repeated or replayed. But there will be another live video Enlightenment Transmission Intensive in about a month. Let me know if you are interested and I will put you on the VIP list.

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Your birthright is here

This Sunday I will open up this experience even wider and further with a golden opportunity to fully develop your awareness of the Enlightenment Transmission - the eternal connection between your incarnate Soul and Consciousness.

If you take a moment to fully understand the class Access All Dimensions of Your Being then you will surely ensure that you book and arrive early in order not to miss this live online event on Sunday 2nd April. I don't know yet if it will be live streamed in both video and audio or audio only. I get such a thrill connecting with everyone webcam-to-webcam that I almost pass out with joy.

*If you want the full raw naked Enlightenment Transmission experience then you can fly in for the ‘Pure Consciousness (7-day Summer Island Retreat)’ 7th-14th August. Early bird discount price if you book before June. Ask me now.