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Dave O.
Tue, 4 Apr 2017

Speechless Ecstasy – The Class That Could Not Be Finished

Oooh! I am in an irresistible state of ecstasy so great that I really don’t care if I make intellectual sense. I am confident that the feeling will be conveyed somehow. The best online medium to share this exalted state is via live person-to-person webcam. The participants in the recent video class were having such a good time that they did not care if I spoke - some clearly preferred silence.

To my great surprise, I was unable to speak. It was as if I was a fish with its mouth open catching a surging waterfall of rushing energy from the Universe – all I could do was quiver inside with excitement and enjoyment as endless amounts of sensation, experience, revelations and realisation poured in. I wanted to speak, I wanted to share, but I was unable as more experiences rushed in, light coursing through my brain, wiping out language. And when I was able to construct sentences, pitifully mild compared to the experience – it felt so painful and unnatural that I had summon all my strength but then at the last moment give up, plunging back into waves of ecstasy.

What is the point of trying to resist something fundamentally and purely good? Can a baby resist the love of their mother’s milk and the waves of ecstasy and bliss that follow? We are designed to accept. What’s more we want it. We have been seeking it for all of our adult lives. In the online events and everywhere related to the Enlightenment Transmission that bliss comes and it’s endless. It seems overwhelming, but you open more and more, another round of ecstasy rolls in - and it goes on and on like that.


Endless ecstasy is within the layers of Existence

In the live online class, I presumed that the speechless bliss would never end, that I would never be able to say another word, that I would not be able to end the class. That class ran over its appointed finish time and kept on rolling just as the online intensive had one week before.

I tried to talk because I assumed that some participants expected talk. But something better than talk was on offer - and through the online video connection I could see that it was being received. Nonetheless I wanted to check-in with the participants but I could not ask any questions. It seemed inappropriate to bring the mind into this happening.

Eventually with great effort I was able to speak and then I went back into the ecstasy. When I reviewed part of the event recording, just the silent part, I was unable to stay awake for more than a few seconds - I kept falling into a wonderful, luxurious ecstatic slumber. I now understand why many participants do not speak even when invited.

I have to revise my general description of the live online classes – no longer can they be considered   “lectures” in the normal sense – they are sharings so deep that words cannot capture the enormity of the experience.

So please understand that whereas speaking or silence or sharings may happen – we really do not ever know for sure what will happen.

When something is so great and immense I rarely can say anything  directly about it and I am … oooh I am feeling it again…

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