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Dave O.
Tue, 4 Apr 2017

Participant Feedback: Ineffable Experiences of Enlightenment Transmission (2nd April Breakthrough Class)

Following on from my own reports of the bliss barrier breakthrough Live Online Class on 2nd April, here are some participant feedback excerpts:

"Today's online event was intense.  The video helped me feel so much more present and aware than I have for previous online classes that had only audio.  I loved having video.  It felt so much like being at a live retreat teaching."

"When your words began to slow down (as if going into slow motion film), I could feel a strong surge of energy coming on and I knew (or hoped) you were going to stop talking.  Tears flowed consistently through your first period of silence, and I became aware of a tightness in my throat.  My room then filled with white fog (and several other times through the call today).  I experienced a present awareness that I have been deeply craving but unable (or unwilling) to allow until today.

I also felt, especially during that first silence, that I could actually watch the emotions I was processing in your facial expressions.  The sadness I felt, the joy I felt, the curiosity and intrigue I felt -- I watched as these emotions arose in me and danced across your face as if you were my mirror.  It was fascinating, but more so, it felt deeply connected, and even though no words were spoken -- I felt really "heard" in a way I've not been heard before.

I also experienced some intense sensations in my body, some of which resulted in a shaking movement that has only happened for me very rarely at very powerful events with my guru."

"i am so blissed out after today's class I can't think straight.  i think the weirdest things are funny right now."

"Wow! I've always found your classes to be beautiful, energetic and love-filled but last night's was...well, I don't have the right words! Surreal? Timeless? Deep? Direct? Boundless? Dynamic? Extraordinary? Divine? Beautiful?

I still felt affected from last week's intensive, so it felt like a flow on or deepening of that.

The video (being able to see you) seems to intensify the energy and feeling of connectedness, with you and the group."

I felt quite a lot of energy pulsating and flowing throughout my body and expansive/open...so open I was unaware of myself at some points during the class (like a dissolving into the moment)

I still feel like all of the cells in my body are vibrating with light (a bit like if I was in the microwave?) and you looked like that (you had a radiant, opaque quality)."

"Transmission has an energetic phenomenon component but it is not people just feeling a certain way. It is not Kundalini, shakti, Reiki etc. It is not in the world of perception yet Awareness recognize itself. Transmission is the experiential knowing of the Adept (i.e Dave Oshana) being transmitted and becoming the default state of the aspirant/student."

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