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Dave O.
Wed, 5 Apr 2017

Sweet Silence: Thought-Stopping Transmission Delivered by Email

Someone contacted me via Facebook messaging today. What happened next may seem fantastic but it happens so frequently that I never think about it. Today. I'll tell you.

The enquirer wanted to know if I could communicate in Finnish. I replied that I am better with English and that since I rarely use Facebook so it’s best to carry on the conversation through my website,

Very soon, I received an email via my contact-form thanking me in English for my Facebook reply and informing me of their interest in Enlightenment, Awakening and my webpages and about their spiritual struggle to balance their Ego and Mind. Since they had a long story to tell they asked if could write in Finnish.

I replied:

“I am interested in everyone's spiritual journey. Because of that I can't write long replies since I already have so many on-going connections. But I'll certainly read your story. You can write in Finnish if you don't mind that a trusted person might translate it.

But first what is it that you want? Is it some kind of help? I can give advice - although the main support that others get from me is through energetic transmission.”

The enquirer replied 2 hours later, this time in a breathless, broken, basic form of Finnish that my question had caused something interesting to happen and so he could not find an answer because he had become silent, calm and cheerful so he would only write when he could next find suitable words.

I replied:

“You got the best answer.

You prefer peace and silence more than a questioning mind.

Thought stopping is very common when someone is in contact with me - even when the contact is just one brief email.

In reality, the email and the words are not the cause of the peace and silence - it is the Enlightenment Transmission. It is affects people even when I am not next to them. They feel it when they are coming to see me even before they arrive.

It is good that you now enjoy that feeling because that is the biggest gift.”

In between emails I had been listening to a recording of my 26th February class ‘Giving In To Absolute Consciousness’ before it gets uploaded to this week. I noticed that during the class there were signs that I was having trouble thinking. It’s difficult to simultaneously juggle speaking about bliss with experiencing bliss but somehow I have always managed.

Coincidentally in the aforementioned class I said that the transmission of Enlightenment would be best done without words and without thinking. However I continued to speak. But then 5 weeks later, the silent transmission arose like sweet summer’s night air - and finally I was unable to speak.

That was 3 days ago during the 2nd April live video ‘Access All Dimensions of Your Being’. It is extremely rare that I cannot speak (I have taught for 36 hours with only food breaks). Sometimes 2 days before a Retreat, I cannot move. I am changing gear, I go into a beautiful, blissful and deep sleep. It happens to others too. I have a feeling that it’s going to happen a lot more often now and I am as curious as you are to find out what will happen next...

Then after 3 days, I received the promised update description:

Everything is different now, new and fresh. Every moment becomes like a thing would be new. I enjoy seeing people and with situations in a different way, listening to music is lively, drawing is fun again, like a child, and everyone else is as if I were a kid again for whom everything is possible. Nature looks really pretty and only when I look at a flower, it looks and feels beautiful. This is amazing. Thank you, it was fun to read your website discussion we have had. Similarly, I was surprised about all this. I'm glad and happy.

It all happened so easily and effortlessly. It did not require much, just a few words. You can have the same.