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Dave O.
Tue, 18 Apr 2017

Enlightenment Transmission facilitates the flow and embodiment of Consciousness

Consciousness Communion’ happens when the Enlightenment Transmission facilitates the flow of Consciousness by catalysing, accentuating and purifying the collective experience.

Something remarkable is happening around the Enlightenment Transmission. A catalysing effect brought on by everyone who participates in the experience. I call it ‘Consciousness Communion’.

My understanding is that the Enlightenment Transmission facilitates the flow of Consciousness within a group by accentuating and purifying everyone’s experience. It’s similar to how whole villages are involved in harvesting and storing food every year: a communal process and experience wherein everyone receives more than they bring.

The Enlightenment Transmission has already brought profound life-changes for individuals but group-shared experiences is another level of revelation and realisation. It’s the Wild West of Spirituality – unchartered, full of promise, exciting and demonstrably effective.

I am interested in exploring and sharing the Enlightenment Transmission is all kinds of new and original ways. The aim is always to embody a greater amount of Consciousness because Consciousness is bliss and knowledge.

My next live online video event is ‘Consciousness Communion’ on Sunday 23rd April. Feel free to join in or ask for details.

Experiencing is believing. Try it!