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Dave O.
Wed, 19 Apr 2017

Enlightenment Transmission Has the Answer for Any Spiritual Question

I received an email from a seeker who had been in touch with me  many years ago, many years after they had an expansive experience of love and bliss that lasted for 3 months. They had registered for the ‘Free Easter Monday Enlightenment Transmission Surprise’ but because of a mix-up missed it.

Their questions is further down.

My reply:

It's interesting that you emphasize the biology of the experience.

I understand that you got fascinated with kundalini as others do too because they feel the upward energy, get an effect and have heard about the concept.

Normally the central upward energy (which could be that which is termed "kundalini") cannot push upwards into the head and beyond in a clean and clear way because of various kinds of blockages (physical, mental, emotional, nervous and energetic) which typical lifestyles do not dissolve.

On rare occasions when a person gets good rising result, it is likely that something else allowing the event to happen. In my observation such blissful results are made possible by the Enlightenment Transmission which opens up possibilities for deep experiences of Consciousness.

There are many kinds of energy but Consciousness is beyond all of them. Energies by their nature are constantly changing, only Consciousness is permanent and unchanging.

Living in bliss/love/ecstasy isn't really the aim of life but a by-product. Those experiences are always accessible when a person is established in Consciousness. It's like living on the water's edge, you can go for a swim anytime you feel like it.

Some of your questions were answered in the ‘Free Easter Monday Enlightenment Transmission Surprise’ event. Techniques won't get you where you want to go if the destination is not of this world. I have witnessed Enlightenment Transmission getting people to that space of Consciousness easily, simply and instantaneously – in fact, the Enlightenment Transmission is the answer to all such questions.


Emailed question:

Hello and lovely to hear from you again.

These days am feeling somewhat "stuck" and a little unsure as to the direction I need to be looking.

My "enlightenment" happened during a meeting. There was a massive Kundalini uprising from tail to top of head - and expanding beyond. This gave rise to a love and ecstasy that was totally beyond measure. This terrific energy brought about a big destruction of a lot of old structures and was a very magical time. There was a continuous love for everything and everyone - even while sleeping and dreaming at night time. 

This ecstasy lasted around 3 months before the chemistry subsided.

This wonderful biological event however has never been visited again and the love and ecstatic ways of living have now long "gone". The shifts however that occurred at that time have remained.

My question I am trying to answer is: Is it possible to actually live permanently in this bliss/love/ecstasy or is this event more of a "catapult" to break down old structures and evolve to a new level?

I am currently reading a massive book [about Kundalini] and this puts into words many of the things I experienced back then during this big influx of energy.

If it is really possible to live daily in this condition then whatever I have tried has not worked?

Any thoughts would be very welcome.