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Dave O.
Mon, 24 Apr 2017

Rapid Mental Egress: The Enlightenment Transmission Harry Houdini Trick

The spiritual seeker desiring Enlightenment is inexorably drawn to explore the contours and potholes of the human mind because it is both their gaoler and their saviour.

The mind cannot be understood from the inside, one has to stand outside the mind to be able to find the exit.

This is of course a Catch-22. How can you stand outside your mind if you cannot find the exit? Why would you need the exit if you have already exited?

The answer to this conundrum is the Enlightenment Transmission.


The Enlightenment Transmission opens
the endless portals of Life, Experience and Existence

The Enlightenment Transmission acts as centrifuge by separating Awareness and Mind. Ordinarily, the average seeker’s awareness is trapped within a programmed mind that has been calibrated for unreality and containment. In this dream-like state, instructional methods are useless, the seeker cannot correctly apperceive the escape procedure.

The seeker requires the assistance of a force that will push their trapped awareness through the seemingly impenetrable (but actually porous) barrier of the imprisoned Mind.

Typically, when the seeker attempts to escape, they choose a decoy exit that leads nowhere. Discouraged, bewildered and confused they give up. Rarely does the seeker find a real exit, but even when they do, the mind’s jailors easily detect the escape attempt and easily close the single point of egress.

The solution is to attack all possible points of egress simultaneously. The mind, not being able to cover all the exits, becomes overwhelmed and acquiesces. “You shall not pass” fades and the prison walls dissolve.

Naturally, the average seeker being unfamiliar with the fresh air of Reality and having no reference point for their identity feels bewildered and disorientated with life outside of the Mind. Inevitably the mind’s siren call and Sunday lunch seductions will cause the free seeker to voluntarily re-enter the Mind. If there is an actual Cycle of Birth and Death then this is it.

The process of extraction requires a sensitive and sustained exertion of an invisible force upon the trapped awareness. Too little, the awareness senses Awakening but never Awakens. Too much, and the awareness is thrown so far from the Mind that it can never rejoin it (which is not good because the Mind should become Enlightened). If the invisible force is not continuous then the awareness will get dragged back into the gravitational field of the Mind.

During Enlightenment Transmission events, the necessary conditions for making awareness journeys beyond the mind are established - a non-verbal process requiring no preparation. Participants find themselves quickly, easily and effortlessly taken on Consciousness Journey through various personally relevant layers and dimensions of Existence.

After an Enlightenment Transmission event, a recipient is free to stay in orbit using whatever skills and Enlightenment Transmission in their fuel tanks that they have acquired. The key to successful Journeys Beyond the Mind is a sufficient accumulation of Enlightenment Transmission, experience and skills.

Current Enlightenment Transmission events are purposed to accelerate, distribute and sustain Enlightenment Transmission for every participant. Recently we have been running way over the scheduled time until each participant’s thirst and capacity to absorb Enlightenment Transmission has been adequately met. Because of these joyous celebratory events, participants have been baffled, overwhelmed and overjoyed to receive substantial and sustained spiritual transformations.

Feel free to book a replay of the Communal Consciousness video event ‘Within the Enlightenment Transmission Communal Consciousness Accelerator’ (Day 1 of the 7 Week Online Video Retreat).

If this is your first time or require assistance, then contact us to ask for details or to join this or any Enlightenment Transmission event