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Dave O.
Tue, 2 May 2017

The Worm Dragon in the Washing Machine of Enlightenment Transmission

"The hungry, grumpy Worm Dragon lives in your gut, casting shadows across your inner horizons and making you a slave to its whims and caprices."

Nearly everyone gets a gut-wrenching tension in their abdomen from time to time. It’s “The Worm” turning in its lair. The abdomen is its eminent domain, connected to the switchboard nexus of the nervous system via the solar plexus ganglia, tapped into endless highways of intestine, the ecosystem of the body, The Worm can inflict pleasure or pain according the whims and caprices of the false identity that reaches down tentacle-like into the nervous system from the brain. If ever there was a physical pin-pointing of psychosomatic psychic fragmentation then this is it.

Having found the The Worm that squeezes and constricts your gut, what will you do? To confront it head-on is to give power that it will use against you. To ignore it is to let the dragon sleep until the day that it awakens hungry and grumpy, carelessly casting shadows across your horizons and burning denizens with its blisteringly hot breath. Most people give up, cowed by The Worm within. Better to face a Worm, they subconsciously reason, than a Dragon.

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This is one Worm that you will want to turn!

However whilst The Worm lives, they become slaves in their own kingdom. “There is no one else here but you” opines the Oshana Consciousness CD - which implies that now you have been split, divided against yourself, the windmills that you fight are figments of your own mind.

The split extends from the mind into the body and from there into all relationships to cause mind-body disunity, family disharmony, relationship breakdown and global wars. If “charity starts at home” then truly it must start from within the deep personal psyche.

A surgically precise removal of The Worm in the soporific state is the only way. If The Worm senses any hint of an operation it goes into high alert causing mental and physical restlessness and insomnia. The Worm has to be relaxed to loosen its clinginess. The control lines from the hyper-vigilant sentinel-mind have to flow with reassuring data loops for the extraction mission to have any success.

This is part of the hidden war and the rude health result when you enter into the Enlightenment Transmission flow. This process cannot be left for any one person or any brain to do, they would mess it up with their own psychic detritus. Only the Enlightenment Transmission has the requisite purity, intelligence and pervasiveness.

This is not a process to be understood but experienced.

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