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Dave O.
Thu, 1 Jun 2017

Spontaneous Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission Retreats and Calls

It would be wonderful if you could receive the benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission soon.

It is useful to understand the exceptional differences of the 7 Day Online Video Retreat Series compared to other Online Enlightenment Transmission Calls and how to get the most benefit from them.

A 7 Day Retreat is a spontaneous cycle of clearing, receiving, discovery, revelations and realisations. The sole catalyst for this is the Enlightenment Transmission. The Retreat content supports that process by providing guidance, insight, understanding, communion, face-to-face interaction, sharing, self-expression and informality. A residential Enlightenment Transmission Retreat provides a harmonious lifestyle, conducive environment.

Sometimes the sky really does open up!


Online Retreat Calls are not simply lectures but a set of carefully timed energetic interactions that support correspond to the wave-like effect of the Enlightenment Transmission as it moves through the group to raise up, make evident and clear out ancient stuck patterns of thought, emotion and physical issues. Typically bliss and understanding are the result.

These spontaneous breakthroughs may sound unimaginable and fantastical but witnessing these miracles on a daily basis makes them seem both ordinary and fascinating at the same time.

The ideal preparation for a live Online Video Retreat Call Series would involve a slow familiarisation with the feel, experience and content of shorter Online Calls, myself, teaching style and content, and then catch up by watching Replays of missed Retreat Days. However when there is not enough time to do that, it is recommended to book the soonest possible live Retreat Call because only a live Call can offer personalised interaction.

The live Online Video Retreat Calls are a mixture of humorous-to-serious lecturing interspersed with spontaneous informal group interactions which might seem mundane, quirky or irrelevant to the uninitiated.

Anyone who wishes to participate for the first-time is recommended to contact me and share something about their spiritual quest. You can go quite deep this way even before attending a Call.

The Live Calls and live streamed Replays use an App that installs on all popular computers, phones and tablets. The spoken content of every retreat Replays is about 3.5 hours duration and currently have to be live streamed at a mutually agreeable time.

Hopefully this is not too much information and that we can start the process to get you ready for Sunday’s Call if that is your wish.


Day 1 - ‘Within the Enlightenment Transmission Communal Consciousness Accelerator’ (30th April Call)

Day 2 - ‘The Worm in The Grinder’ (7th May Call)

Day 3 -  ‘The Open Door’ (14th May Call)

Day 4 - ‘Deep Dive Mind Debugging’ (21st May Call)

Day 5 - ‘Thunder, Lightning, Fireballs and Beautiful Spaces’ (28th May Call)

Day 6 - ‘Bringing Everything All Together: Love, Forgiveness, Connectivity, Acceptance & Divine Timing’ (4th June Call)

Day 7 - ‘You Can Have Your Life Back’ (11th June Call)

Day 7 will complete on 18th June, Enlightenment Day Eve with a super long Online Video Intensive - just a few days before the long solstice day of eternal sun in Finland!


7-day Retreat article – ‘The 7 Week Live Online Video Spiritual Retreat

The next Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Residential Retreat is ‘The Revelation’ on 7th-14th August.