Dave O.
Wed, 7 Jun 2017

The Revelation - Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again

This article was written for ‘The Revelation’ 2017 Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Retreat

If you are interested in understanding your life and getting as much help as possible then you cannot miss this palpable confluence of 3 earthshaking events coming together that will affect everyone connected to the Enlightenment Transmission even via email and online pages.

The tri-event co-incidence:

  • 18th June The Completion of the 7 Week Online Video Retreat
  • 19th June Oshana Enlightenment Day
  • 21st June Summer Solstice longest day of the year.

This synergistic happening signifies that the Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat process has started as the Finnish nature bursts forth and accelerates during nights of continuous light.


Precision Revelation Awaits

Every possible energy is being utilised as we gear up for a rapid succession of breakthroughs, revelations and realisations for those participants who have committed to attend the Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat The Revelation. The benefits will then flow into the wider Enlightenment Transmission Community.

Your inescapable aim is to break out of your false identity, the illusory "Matrix-like pod” life, and thence to rediscover your greater life and make it an everyday reality.


An Incredible Lightness of Being Awaits

You will rapidly move through:

  1. Illusion
  2. Discovery
  3. Integration

This process would usually take decades without guidance. But will happen during 7 days and nights with the guidance of the Enlightenment Transmission.  Every happening, object and energy will coordinate in bringing awareness of your soul's purpose.


Peerless Breakthrough Experiences Await

Accelerated spiritual development requires special care. Fortunately, the Enlightenment Transmission manages the preparation, maintenance and timing - resulting in experiences of inexplicable clearings, synchronicities, spontaneous healings, profound understandings and unimaginable revelations.

Those who have attended several Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreats will well know these symptoms and their consequent benefits.