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Dave O.
Tue, 13 Jun 2017

The Equanimous Zero Point, The Wave of Infinite Possibility

[This article has been written for the 18th June Online Eve of Enlightenment Transmission Intensive ‘The Moment that the World was Extinguished, Fun and Frolics at the Zero Point of Existence’]

The Equanimous Zero Point exists as a rest stop and an exit point on the Wave of Infinite Possibility. This is welcome news for everyone who says “Stop the world! I want to get off!” because it represents the only real possibility to find the place of the cessation of manifestation, the non-active mid-point between appearance and disappearance, the moment where Creation is non-existent.

There is always a way through


The Wave of Infinite Possibility is what brings everything into appearance. We know from atomic physics that what seems to be there is in fact no longer there and anyway was never solid but full of holes. These spaces are essential because they allow room for reality to manifest and unmanifest.

The Enlightenment Transmission imperceptibly brings a spiritual seeker to experience these sacred spaces, whereas the Oshana Energy-Work Method facilitates a natural, relaxed and meditative exploration of these spaces. It is highly important that a spiritual seeker finds the Zero Point because it is the only way to stay centred within the ebb and flow of Existence. It is the eye of the hurricane, the quiet in the storm.

The Zero Point is especially appreciated by participants who are experiencing the wave-like reverberations of the washing machine cycle of an Enlightenment Transmission post-Retreat. For them the Zero Point becomes an Ocean of Bliss, an Oasis of Peace and an Island of Rest.

It is essential for all human beings to discover the Zero Point, the only peaceful harbour within an eternally changing Existence, and to anchor their lives within this Ground of Being and Infinite Possibility.

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