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Kooskõla saavutamine Valgustumise Transmissiooniga

Elage elu kooskõlas Valgustumise Transmissiooniga, kogu külluse allika, vaimse kindluse, turvalisuse ja Valgustatusega.
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Date: pühapäev 23. november 2014 17.00 - 19.00 Your Time:

Õpetaja: Dave Oshana

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Helsinki 5pm
Paris 4pm - London 3pm
NYC 10am - Chicago 9am - Calgary 8am - LA 7am
Sydney 2am - Hong Kong 11pm
Moscow 6pm - Jerusalem 5pm - Cape Town 5pm

Once upon a time, the very idea of anyone but me aligning with the Enlightenment Transmission was inconceivable. 15 years ago, before my Enlightenment, there was no clear concept of the Enlightenment Transmission. Even 12 months ago, both the OETT participants and I saw the Enlightenment Transmission as primarily connected to me and only secondarily to them.

But this has to change if the Enlightenment Transmission is to be established on Earth. Consequently, I stated at the July 2014 Island Retreat that it was the Enlightenment Transmission that gathered us and not Enlightenment or Dave Oshana.

Luckily it has been discovered that the Enlightenment Transmission is experienced when Enlightenment Transmission participants gather, either in the real world or online. However this discovery has given rise to the notion that the Enlightenment Transmission is present no matter what the participants discuss. While this is always true to some degree, this point of view does not increase communion with the Enlightenment Transmission but dilutes it.

In this online class, I will share ways to align with the Enlightenment Transmission with aspects of your being, including your heart, mind, body and soul, plus a few more.