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Pääsege ligi kõigile oma olemuse mõõtmetele

Ligipääs valgustumise tranmissioonile on teie sünnipärane õigus. Palun võtke vastu.

Date: pühapäev 2. aprill 2017 19.00 - 22.00 Your Time:

Õpetaja: Dave Oshana

teaching on island rock

Your birthright is here

Access to the Enlightenment Transmission is your birthright. The Enlightenment Transmission is the eternal connection between your incarnate Soul and Consciousness, similar to the temporal connected between a foetus and the mother’s placenta.

On Earth we human beings we have a golden opportunity to fully develop our awareness of the Enlightenment Transmission. The Enlightenment Transmission has many aspects because it manifests on all planes and dimensions of Being. When we are connected to the Enlightenment Transmission then we can travel through those dimensions of Being and thereby fully discover Consciousness as our own Self through the experiences that we are given.

Enlightenment Transmission experiencers start their journey by experiencing the effects of the Enlightenment Transmission upon their external parts which includes their physical body, mind, emotions, energy channels, awareness and intuition. As the experiencer’s sensitivity develops they experience the Enlightenment Transmission within their deeper parts, guiding them like a light to go ever deeper into their Self and thereby leaving behind the disruptive noise of the confused mind. This is not done consciously or with effort but happens naturally and internally. At every stage the experiencer has the choice to open up to ever-expanding inner spaces or to contract back to their former state of limited perception.

Enlightenment Transmission experiencers find the Enlightenment Transmission to be pleasurable, rewarding and exhilarating and so easy, natural and desirable to enjoy – this is because the Enlightenment Transmission is God’s Gift naturally to them. The Enlightenment Transmission is a connection that was planned for you, long before you came into human existence. Like tasty food, the Enlightenment Transmission is here for you to explore, enjoy and be nourished.

This live online class is an explanation, exploration and journey of the Enlightenment Transmission for you to deepen your access, understanding and experience. The result is pure gold that you will accrue and benefit from forever.

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Please book early enough to receive full energetic and technical guidance for this Call. In this way you can get the biggest breakthroughs and best spiritual preparation.

Any questions? Send us an email or contact-form.

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Everyone who joins the live Teacher Call will have the opportunity to listen to the Replay of the main part of the Call free of charge (if you book the Live Call via DaveOshana.com. There is no fixed delivery date for this but there also may be invites to private Replay streaming sessions too.)


You will need to install an application (if you have never joined a Teacher Call) to participate. Contact us as soon as possible for guidance if this is your first time using the communication software so that there is enough time to prepare you.

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NOTE: There are a limited number of online slots for this Call. To attend the Call you need to install call software on your computer, smartphone or tablet (although it's better for your health and receptivity if WiFi and EMF radiations are disabled in all devices). You need to test that it works as soon as possible, otherwise you might not be able to join the Call.

The aim of this Call is to help each attendee to fully unlock their true to potential and thus fulfil their personal destiny. The event is 30€ in advance, for a minimum of 2 hours (but commit to listen for 3 hours) and starts exactly on time.

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