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Saage oma teadvuse elujõu pump tööle!

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Date: pühapäev 3. september 2017 19.00 - 22.30 Your Time:

Õpetaja: Dave Oshana

Have you ever paid attention to your life-force pump? It needs regular care and maintenance. So if you have not been giving it some TLC (tender, love and care) then why not? Perhaps because no one ever showed you? I am going to guide you through the best spiritual bodily practices that you are ever going to have the pleasure of performing. I am so excited for you! :-)

We all need energy. Energy allows movement, warmth, seeing, digestion, awareness and much more. In short: Energy allows Life!

But where is Life and the Energy that maintains it? You think it’s a mystery and yet you are so close to life-energy all of the time.

Life, Consciousness, energy, awareness and Enlightenment are all your birthright and should be your natural condition. You should not have to work hard at it - and yet the entire human race is in seriously sub-optimal shape. However YOU (yes: YOU!) can get natural and start living fully and pleasurably.

When you get your life-force energy pumping optimally you will have greater intelligence, vitality, energy, skills, abilities and infinite fun!

I have written more about this subject in my recent article: ‘Fun and Frolics with Life-Force Consciousness Energy: Pumping, Humping, Lumping, Dumping and Rebalancing’ -- my core intention now is to get you moving because that will gift you these amazingly pleasurable experiences.

You can discover more about this joyous area of developing YOU by joining any of my live classes this season (or else booking a replay by email or contact-form).

Of course, I especially recommend this class: ‘Get Your Consciousness Life-Force Pump Working!

You can also meet with me privately in real-life or online for ‘Consciousness One-to-Ones’. Even better consider travelling to my residential retreats and intensives to get the best, most direct teaching available on the planet.

Your life will change maximally, opening up to new joys and pleasures from a very simple expenditure of your time and energy. Something this good should not need so much convincing -- simply practice and feel goodly life-force energy pulsing through every cell and organ of your body!

See you in online class!

 oshana energy-work


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