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Väestamine: virgumise orkaan, mis purustab vale identiteedi paradigma: Valgustumise Transmissioon

Tõmmet virguda kutsutakse Valgustumise Transmissiooniks. Mõju valele identiteedile on sarnane orkaanile.

Date: pühapäev 26. november 2017 19.00 - 22.00 Your Time:

Õpetaja: Dave Oshana

It’s time to get your hand out of the cookie jar and to start putting something in there. The cookie jar is the mind. Not just your mind but everyone’s mind. We all use the same mind to think, just as we all use the same air to breathe.

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We co-exist in the same mental spaces. What you experience, others experience. What they experience, you experience. You are in their mind and they are in your mind. What happens to you, happens to them – what happens to them, happens to you. If you awaken then they will feel the pull of that awakening. If someone awakens then you will feel its pull.

The pull to awaken is called the Enlightenment Transmission. The effect of the Enlightenment Transmission upon the false identity is devastating, like a hurricane.

You cannot fight against a pull that you cannot see. You have tried. You have tried to awaken and failed. You have also tried to stop awakening and failed in that effort too.

“Putting something back in the cookie jar” means to share awakening. If you have experienced awakening then you can pass it along. In fact, you must do this otherwise your awakening is only half-born. Most people stay at the half-awakened stage. Consequently they are unable to live their truth.

I want you to be able to fully live your truth. And so, I am going to empower you. I am going to show you how to awaken others. They are part of you. To awaken them is to awaken you. To awaken you is to awaken something in them. I’m going to teach you how to give. You are anyway not going to stop until everyone has awakened to their truth.

Visualise your friends, family, loved ones and those you have not yet met – you can awaken them. I am going to show you how. The hurricane of awakening is ready to love across the face of this planet.

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