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Vaiksed ekstaasid - lõpmatu õndsus

Vastupandamatu õndsus muudab mõtte üleliigseks

Date: pühapäev 9. aprill 2017 19.00 - 22.00 Your Time:

Õpetaja: Dave Oshana

oshana island rock

Endless ecstasy is within the layers of Existence

Announcement: The heavens have opened up since our focus on Consciousness and the introduction of webcam during live online classes. It’s wise to be aware of the stunning realisations and vistas of expansion, bliss and revelation that are available – and how this affects the changing class format.

Waves of bliss and ecstasy have continuously moving through my inner life for 17 years now, yet I have been able to lead an outwardly normal life. Whereas some articulate professionals find themselves dumb-struck, tongue-tied and thought-free when the Enlightenment Transmission unwinds their inner knots, releasing ripples of pleasure, I have been able to stay lucid and loquacious.

Well, the ability to stay functional when experiencing unprecedented waves of energy ended last Sunday. It was inevitable since there have been clues over the years.

For example, 2 days before a Retreat the Enlightenment Transmission makes me slow down so much that cannot raise my head. I go into an incredibly deep and peaceful slumber. After that I enter the Enlightenment Transmission Zone – it’s like an actual place that is happening at the same time as the external world. Often I feel like I am moving in slow motion through a very pleasurable jelly. By the time I arrive at the Retreat I have already been there and the event from start to finish is like a dream happening simultaneously with the wind, the seas and the trees on the island.

Online live video freed me from the concerns about being wordless and allowed a speechless silent transmission to affect everyone in the class. Having tasted it, there’s no going back. I’ll attend the event just to experience the unsurpassed waves of realisation, revelation and bliss myself – even if no one is there.

Really, something this good needs no introduction. I am already feeling the bliss again - so I’ll just drop these new related articles  below and continue melting into bliss...

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Please book early enough to receive full energetic and technical guidance for this Call. In this way you can get the biggest breakthroughs and best spiritual preparation.

Any questions? Send us an email or contact-form.


To attend you simply install a video or audio application to participate. Contact us as soon as possible for guidance if this is your first time  so that there is enough time to hrlp prepare you.

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NOTE: There are a limited number of online slots for this Call. To attend the Call you need to install call software on your computer, smartphone or tablet (although it's better for your health and receptivity if WiFi and EMF radiations are disabled in all devices). You need to test that it works as soon as possible, otherwise you might not be able to join the Call.

The aim of this Call is to help each attendee to fully unlock their true to potential and thus fulfil their personal destiny. The event is 30€ in advance, for a minimum of 2 hours (but commit to listen for 3 hours) and starts exactly on time.

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