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Vaimne selgus kohtub vaimse arhitektuuriga: identiteedi seose lahustamine

"Seos" loob eraldioleva mina illusiooni ja seega lõhestatud mina

Date: pühapäev 18. veebruar 2018 19.00 - 22.00 Your Time:

Õpetaja: Dave Oshana

In the upcoming live interactive Truth Dialogue we will practically uncover the binding and contradictory mechanisms which prevent a person from being whole and true. Clarity will be brought to dark recesses of the mind, to mental belief and assumptions, so that freedom can come through personal realisation and revelation.

It would be easier to stay in The Illusion if the The Illusion was a hospitable place but so far it is not. In the future, they might drug people into a coma and hook them up to a supercomputer that provides entertainment but given that there is always a profit motive the most likely scenario is that the somnambulists will only receive synaptic stimulation rewards after their brains have harvested sufficient Bitcoins.

Nothing works quite as well as nature. When we are separated from our nature then we become unhappy and uneasy. People have already become split in their minds by the introduction of a false identity. The existence of the false identity keeps people unhappy and ensures that the self-help industry will remain a popular and lucrative business with no end in sight. The problem of existential unhappiness is never going away unless what I term “The Bind” is removed from human cognitive apparatus. The Bind creates the illusion of a separate self and hence a real divided self which impels some to search for wholeness.

The Bind was revealed in last week’s live meeting ‘Unplugging: The Unprogram Party’. If you missed it then you might be able to book a replay by email (or contact-form). You can also learn something about the Bind in the following article: ‘Revealing the Psychosomatic Bind that Creates the Illusion of Separation’.

Join us for ‘Spiritual Clarity meets Mental Architecture: Solving the Bind of Identity’.

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Free entry possible for newcomers and eligible applicants under the Oshana SEVA Program (apply early).

See ‘SEVA Offers Free Access To Enlightenment Transmission Events’

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