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Mastered by Love

Resolving Inter-Generational Love

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2021, 19:00 EEST - 22:22 EEST

Understanding what we lost to get to where we need to be
Understanding what we lost to get to where we need to be

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Down &; Dirty Society's Style, with a Twist. A flowing meandering Sunday river dog walk through Dave's Enlightenment Transmission mind. Embarrassment, emotions and distancing. How you have been disassociated from your body, life, love, sex and intimacy by parental and societal programming. 4 hours 22 minutes.


“A real journey. During the class I went into a deep dream, like Inception, I could still hear the class in that dreamworld...”

“I was very energised, didn't sleep for about 2 hours afterward. I slept during part of it, but also listening to Dave whilst asleep.

I had been in a lot of pain during the day because I had not slept very well on Saturday night.

After the event the pain wasn't there anymore, which is similar when I am nature where the pain in my body goes away as well.

I had the feeling that Dave had been stitching together a kind of body which is not just my physical body but a communal body, spending all this time and energy for 4 hours knitting a kind of hyper-body, an extended body.

When I am in a lot of pain in my body, my ordinary attention, which is really my idea of my physical body, it's not possible to relax or relieve the pain. I realised the injury, is in my physical body but the tension is in my hyper-body, my communal body, an interwoven-consciousness with other human beings.

Dave has been spending all the time weaving and repairing the communal body.”

The event even inspired a whole blog post: ’Tikkun & the Restorative Power of the Awkward Moment


Love is like water: free-flowing, purifying, life-giving, filling space, and change state.

Human life is complex. How does love interact with the complexities of human life? What are the problems? And their solutions?

You are invited to go places, enter spaces and consider love dynamics that go unnoticed. Become a master of love by being mastered by love.

If you like to understand more in advance, then read also: ‘Lost Love Restored: Inter-Generational Resolution’. For current themes, read ‘Defeating the War Against Heaven’.

Enlightenment Transmission
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Worth carefully watching with the volume off to deepen your insight: Enlightenment Transmission

VIDEO: Love Meets Deep
VIDEO: Love Meets Deep

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