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Fully Conscious Dying: Loving Life and Death

A conscious relationship to the experience of death

Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2021, 19:00 EEST - 22:22 EEST

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An inspired revelatory call to action about love, humanity, health, sanity, survival, soul, spirit, the safest place in Existence and enlightened consciousness without boundaries. Exposing the illusions of the false identity. Milked emotions and addictions. Energy loss. Full soul incarnation. Bodily integrity. An overview of Life. Being fully prepared for the transition stage in life's journey. Urgency. Split second shared unified human consciousness. Peerless, unexpected, surprising and inspiring. 2 hours 48 minutes.


“Fun, funny, engaging, and life-affirming. A brief moment on the very edge of my consciousness I could feel what an incredibly GOOD being you are, whoever you are. ;) ”

“The fact that you would spend your time with us, trying to wake us up so that we may live, so that others may also live in turn, was touching and is such a precious gift.”

“So selfless and 100% life-affirming. I forget sometimes that you are acting for the highest good! I will indeed try to spread this because others should have the opportunity to feel and share in that goodness.”

“Afterward I went for another dip, stayed to watch the moonset and see the stars all come out. And I had a realization: this is awakening territory. Meaning, the beautiful nature reserve on the lake, without a lot of noise... It's a place that naturally wakes me up.”

And I considered going home, as I eventually had to do, and realized that home in the city is a place that easily puts me to "sleep." So it was clear in that moment how obvious and true your guidance about being in and connecting to nature really is.”

“It's easier to wake up there, and the spirit and body feel much happier there, much more at home. So I'll be taking that to heart, wherever we go, we just have to be in nature! I think it would be less work for you if we all lived in nature, at the very least!”


How can we we have a conscious relationship the experience of death in a society that blocks it? How to love throughout the whole of one's life on all sides of existence and in any state?

Society blocks us from becoming fully conscious by obstructing natural human living, including birth, conception, relationships, intimacy and lifestyle (topics we explored previously and available for replay upon email request).

Given that our connection to life is progressively crippled by society from birth onward, and that dying and death are similarly controlled, how can we have a conscious relationship to the experience of death?

This event forms a problem-experience-ideal trinity with two related events: ‘The Experience of Death’ which allows us to explore, experience and understand death, and ‘Society and the Factory of Death’ which details society's prevention of full awareness of life and death, and hastens death.

We will incorporate previously learned skills and experiences for investigating our inner life, body and nature, gained from previous events. There is no better way to discover than to jump in as soon as possible.

Enlightenment Transmission
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VIDEO: Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana
Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

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