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Soul Wash

Choose Your Cycle, Watch the Spin, Collect Your Clothes

Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2022, 19:00 EEST - 23:11 EEST

This is IT!
This is IT!

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Serious insightful humorous retreat preparation talk with interaction.

Soundbites include: retreat preparation, cracking the code of the sub-Babel language below English, source of thoughts, belief dangers, extreme doubt, baptism, being witnessed, initiation, being accepted, soul quality, social preoccupations, group enlightenment, unseen toxic dumping, care hijacks, ungiving false identities keeping social programming, societal death wish, magician's illusion, and much more than there is time to summarise because we are preparing for the retreat, and 2 hours and 56 minutes more...


“Feeling super slowed down. Felt my heart open wide and beautiful at one point. Feeling stillness and vibration.”

“Intense and direct, filled with humor and fun to take the existential edge off. Something invisible but strong was happening, a pressure in the atmosphere that my false identity really didn't want to be exposed to. Many insightful nuggets.”

Felt so intense, shot out of a cannon. Went running for over an hour, much longer than usual”

“Big takeaway: how the false identity will repopulate if it's not completely cleared out. I feel that's been an issue for me - partially or even mostly clearing things out, and then everything coming back even stronger afterward. Yes, it definitely feels like a war, and it definitely feels like hell. But I'm glad and lucky I have a guide and other fellow travelers.

“Thought of a new slogan for you - "the spiritual teacher for people who've had enough of spiritual teachers"... ”

“Lots of good laughs and soulful material to reflect on further.”

Cheered me up - had been in a very stressy, head-achey mood.”

Unprecedentedly direct & pithy. one of Dave's best need-to-know initiation de-briefings for life during spiritual wartime. Not Dave's drill sergeant harangues, but a clear & piercing bugle call to assemble the light brigade in time for the charge out of Babylon.”


Jump in. All who enter the soul wash cycle, come out clearer and cleaner. The aim is to get you fully re-adjusted to to your soul so that you can resume the purpose of your incarnation.

For extra context read: ‘Regaining Soul Consciousness: Revelation, Experience And Breakthrough

There may be practical demonstrations and direct interactions. The format is open and undefined because what happens will involve the intuited needs of those who attend. For this reason, nothing is sure except immediate real direct and palpable contact. The weekend events have been an average of 3-4 hours duration to allow time for deep understanding and profound change.

The weekend events will usually be streamed on auto-repeat for at least one day in the following week, so that everyone has a chance to see the event or review it.

This event might be a long and detailed explanation. Attendees may be spontaneously called up to elucidate points. Questioners may find themselves question. You are leaving the sleepy comfort of mainstream spirituality to enter a vigorous enquiry into the nature of reality.

Enlightenment Transmission
YouTube Videos

Worth carefully watching with the volume off to deepen your insight: Enlightenment Transmission

VIDEO: Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana
Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

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