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Retreat GroundHog Day & The Regenerating False Self

We rise and fall, until we breakthrough.

Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2022, 19:00 EEST - 23:11 EEST

This is IT!
This is IT!

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Dave-driven participant processing. A unique roasting of selected coffee-addled old beans to remove bitterness and bring out goodness. 4 hours 27 minutes.

Soundbites include: Mission creeps. Subliminal give-aways. Food and entrainment self-abuse. Unconscious take-overs. Entity transference. Addiction. Risk-taking unfaithful ungrateful to life. The "devil was in the details".


Amazing "retreat"

Helpful to be aware of internal shifts and emotions while watching your interactions with everyone.”

Didn't feel off the hook, even though it appeared you were directing a lot between other participants.”

Helpful to see myself in everyone, even those who I would rather not deal with or who cause me to react.”

“I know transmission is working it's magic when I smile, laugh or remain reactionless about things that might normally cause a "fight-flight-flee" response.”

“Appropriate after previous day's strong session. Good to hear different people, and get flavour of another retreat style aspect.

“One attendee reminded me of how we can be so convincing with our logical structures. Trapped in habit, seeking change whilst maintaining old routines and patterns. Also reminded me how beneficial it has been to leave 'the culture' and just move to something different. Stir it up.”

“Uncomfortable and icky, at first, but good as it went along, deep cleaning for participants in effort to support focus on false identities that hold us back.”

“Every communication helped to discern between soul and false identity. I felt the push-pull, "agitation" and the calm afterwards. ”

“Thanks for sharing. Helps to know what the process is like for you.

“Ended with a climatic roar of ET - purifying, enlightening everything. A true, real blessing.”

Introduced a fresh experience of surrendering to the field, dropping the identity, to just be with what is happening. Further recognition of layers of persona.”


We are not just preparing for the ultimate retreat, but participating in an accelerated schedule in which every online meeting is a complete retreat wherein our false identity dies a thousand deaths and our soul ascends to the light. In this groundhog day state, we rise and fall, until we breakthrough.

Not for the faint-hearted, but those who do not wish to die in ignorance or otherwise.

Attend also, the preceding Becoming Soul Born.

For context, read ‘Fighting for Soul Birth’ and Spiritually Chasing Your Own Tail, Towel or Tale?

Enlightenment Transmission
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Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

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