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Jesus Christ Superstar: Who Did Jesus Really Think We Are? (Easter Sunday)

Truth where God touches Adam's Apple

Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2022, 19:00 EEST - 23:11 EEST

This is IT!
This is IT!

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An intense series of community interactions with Dada Dave.

Becoming open, honest and vulnerable, communicating without distortions. Giving up sleepless nights, indigestion and restlessness. Communities gaslighted, destroyed by surprise. Judas. Massacre of Innocents. The Set-Up. John the Baptist's problem. Full life giving. Unglamorous sh*t work. Satanic reality's punishing enforcement. Spiritual disbelief, material attachments. Sacrificing good for bad. Avoidance of valuable group work. Stalker entities (Facebook). Co-opted self-sabotage. Outsourcing dirty work. Demons working under the belt. Ancient world's awareness vs. inadequacy modern mainstream lexicon. Accelerating Evil. Society of mass human destruction. Recovering awareness of the issues. Numbing drugs. Alcohol business spirits. Investing in destruction. Ethically losing business. Soul commitment criterion. Resistance. And much more for 3 hours 19 minutes.

Souls need saving.”

“Without overwhelm, calmer nervous system.”

“Old thoughts returning, not wanting to see things, aware it’s burning up the ‘nice’ persona tendency to escape to ‘no mind’ or ‘bliss’.”

Understand that spiritual teachers are not dealing with real issues of life and death.”

Bumpy, watching stuff arise.

Experienced auditory sensations unlike ever before, running in parallel with my recognisable previous ET experience. A strong, almost deafening, buzzing sound started at the top of my head, my crown, and reverberated down the outside of my body. The buzzing is what I recall best, although there were other sounds complimented by energetic sensations. Each time I had to check if I was dreaming. Each time I confirmed that I was awake with eyes closed.”

You said that the spiritual seeker's path is always thorny and uncomfortable? Don't recall you ever saying that before.”

Heavy stuff came loose.

Devastating. Any sense of things being "okay" are gone. Grateful for the fire, know it is Grace. Feeling ashamed for my wasted life, but not indulging in a pity party. Becoming more aware of the constantly running noise, babble, OCD habits, and resistance that form the bulk of my inner life.”


People are either obsessed with themselves or someone else. It's all the same thing. It's all God Self-Identification Disorder (El SID). The solution is in the meaning of life which is the meeting/meating in the middle, the know-what-I mean. (If God and Popeye can get away with "I am what I am" then I think you can stretch your puns and buns for Easter Sunday mourning).

Contents may vary from title, depending on the real-time hungers of those present. A live lecture and even livelier interaction.

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