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Exit Unreality: Soul Trafficking, Spiritual Deception and Sexual Illusions in the Satanic System

The only point in existence to escape non-existence

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2022, 19:00 EEST - 23:11 EEST

This is IT!
This is IT!

Only regular participants can request a video replay of this event. Request  by email (preferred) or contact-form. Supply availability times.

Leaving crippling toxic untruth behind. Surprisingly different. Gentle warm-up, fireworks and life-transforming conclusion.

Themes include: Only evil promotes stupidity as the fall-guy. Hammering jackdaw's emotionality. Passive-aggressive blocking. Need for real sanctuary. Hoarding false identity stuff. Procrastinating, safe never comes. The soul cannot grow. The pain of not being oneself. Fear of not being mainstream. Entry to Promised Land requisites. Nearing the borderline. Time is our deadline. Narcissistic spirituality. Threats to genetic manipulation, privacy and freedom. Spirit to make all things right being new visions and revelations. Extreme doubt removes breaks, facilitates freedom of movement. Invisible journey and destination, leaving crippling toxic untruth behind ...and much more...

Jovial and light.

Permission to laugh, allow trust and let go.”

Demonstration of sharing and emotional vulnerability.”

Why keep holding worthless items of our past that are valuable to no one now, but cluttering the inner temple awaiting our soul, blocking the entrance?”

“A key interaction that was a long time coming. For participants to become free of the False Identity they need to let you all the way in, at a deeply personal level.”

“Your interaction allowed me to examine, test, and more importantly feel more deeply into my own openness to you and your words.”

“I have it relatively easy - there's very little you say lately about the world and the soul that I can't accept, feel, experience, and I thought maybe even my trust was nearing 100% yesterday.”

“Brought up my anger and distrust of self-distancing, mainstream "positivity" (head in sand), and a sadness that is the pain of love unmet.”

The most vulnerable and "human" I have seen you in an online thing.

“Looked genuinely peaceful & happy during the last half.”

“Feeling tender, sensitive, easily triggered. Meeting was special, unexpected, unusual, intimate and personal. Touched to have been a part of it. Feeling love, and appreciative for you and the group.”

"We are going to the line because we are running out of time!" We are in deep shit. You are trying to give us a hand before it's too late.”

“I felt triggered when someone was triggered.

“I feel strange. Spacious and relaxed, mixed with feeling super intense and deeply uncomfortable. I feel there's something I'm just not getting.”


Human beings are soul trafficked victims within sexual relationships and spiritual groups that form part of an ancient satanic system within which goodness is never attainable.

A pithy, punchy, packed exposition of dilemmas deeper than superficial appearances. Understanding is essential to eliminating the usual, but under-suspected, suspects.

Not only life-changing. Leave the game, save your soul, gain Heaven.

Attend both to get the most. Book together with Sunday's ‘Having Broken Free from Satanic Deceptions’.

For more clues, read: ‘Are You Being Spiritually Deceived About Heaven and Hell?

Enlightenment Transmission
YouTube Videos

Worth carefully watching with the volume off to deepen your insight: Enlightenment Transmission

VIDEO: Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana
Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

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