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Exit Babel: Enter Life Eternal

Escape captivity, have life eternal

Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2022, 19:00 EEST - 23:11 EEST

This is IT!
This is IT!

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Summary: Detailed understanding of entity interference and safe soul passage.

Themes include: making it to the Promised Land, descendants knowing where to follow, Jesus: who is your family?, what you find vitally important, spiritual senses opened to be guided for necessary soul journey, dire situation safety warning, required to save self, ruined self-regard plays into entity's hand, procrastination, entity awareness missing from psychology, entity incubator and attack base, soul trafficking, participant issue patterns, hidden costs of limited progress, rigid looseness unsustainable, one message at same time for all, accessing revelation, psychic propaganda, blocking Truth assimilation, so-called and real knowledge and Evil in Eden, fake knowledge for arrogant spiritual masses, power pyramids evil spiritual power, fake love, gaslighting, shocking political and spiritual awakenings, entity awareness, Jesus' actual ministry is hidden, unhealthy entities, pornographic realities/spiritual consequences, unrestricted systematic sexual exploitation, climbing the perverted pyramid of Evil, evil ancient religions and spirits, trying to be envied indulgent decadent kings and queens, cognitive dissonance around wide-scale celebrity abuse, hazards of soul journey if spiritually under-developed, discerning good and bad, intentions vs claims, not giving in to fear, fear of non-existence things, useless government trauma awareness programs and hypocrisy, spiritual senses carry wisdom, virtual reality sense tricking indoctrination, internet sexual perversions, sexual purity, pure male/female energy characteristics, entity interference in sexual relationships ...and much more...


“Feeling the innocence and wisdom as a child is still present now in my injured, heartbroken adult years.”

“A must-watch replay for future new participants before they join any live talks.”

“Hard-nosed, no nonsense talk for boarding the Ark. Doors closing, ropes untethered, and rain is falling! Nothing to lose now! No more mollycoddling. "This is IT!" ”

“Felt more like a battle than any class I've been in. Vision fighting through a tightly packed melee of noisy, clashing soldiers, to cut a swath through the chaos.”

“Revelatory: We as individuals are increasing "military spending", always at war, never talks of peace, no soul to soul connections, no soul nourishing, the soul can't grow, and the soul can't go to eternity. It really makes me wonder what's the benefit of living that way.”

“Fantasy tales are turned into major productions, pumped into the mainstream culture, scientific fantasy tales completely untrue, devious way to misdirect people! "Satanic system covering the whole planet." ”

“Insights come if one considers the entire system as corrupt and satanic including all “spiritual” practices, then “letting go” happens naturally.”

“After a night of all sorts of dreams, woke up feeling really happy. Something must have cleared.”

“An example of someone not letting anything get in the way of a truthful expression, not preserving himself, displaying with candor what is true without withholding to cater to anyone's egos or frailty.”

“Concepts named, now I have a practical sense of what to do with scary, yucky stuff, instead of avoiding it or not knowing it is enacting us.”

“Feeling a physical support for my aches and tightness.”

“Realizing a community where I can say things, practice and get cleaned up more than get dumped on. That's just a crazy foreign thought.”


Whichever way you slice IT, every view depicts The End. Choose your angle, get on the trajectory out.

Will you escape captivity and slavery in all of its form to have life eternal?

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Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

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