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A New Heaven & New Earth is Surprisingly Simple

Intuitive Interactive Marathon

Date: Sun, 1 May 2022, 19:00 EEST - 23:11 EEST

This is IT!
This is IT!

Only regular participants can request a video replay of this event. Request  by email (preferred) or contact-form. Supply availability times.

Summary: The most intense series of intuitive revelatory interactions that has ever happened!

Themes include: provocative warm-up, interactive waffle and diversion, own stories and inner conversations, double and back channels, identifying life themes, regrets, misinterpretations 6 projections, being blamed/persecuted, wearing interactions with perfect results, sexual themes: [fear & arousal, pleasing mode, early experiences, life and death perception effects, fear and performance, fear vs love, actual purpose of sex], entity clearing interaction, easy entity uncoupling, entity subterfuge speaking not through mouth, inadequacy of psychotherapy, word mode & reactions, catching and separating channels & effects, soul to soul goodness connection channel, remaining residual entity parts outside of conscious perceptions, allowing humble awareness of reality, accepting reality of entity infestation to get clean, accepting process is not blissful to overcome lifelong misery and lack of soul incarnation, descendant consequences,...and much more...


“A must-watch replay for future new participants before joining any live talks.”

“Truly fascinating. Funny, edgy, confrontation and guidance tips the soul vs. entities balance.”

“Contagious good humour. Left meeting lighter than entered.”

“Top form. Really excellent.”

“Building trust among the group, easing of exposure anxiety, with so much humour, it was really fun!”

“Skilfully amplified opportunity to tap one after another triggered participant showing trauma somatics.”

“The most essential pre-retreat event so far. Booking the replay should be mandatory for all retreat wanna-bes, or for anyone who cares even a little bit about the fate of their souls or that of other participants”

“Six hours of nonstop soul love in action - terrifying!”

“No heavy tension despite difficult themes.”

“Revelatory: participants' linked by the same issues; crucial importance of sexual control/entities”

“Practical about entities.”

“Totally honest, searching, fearless enquiry, guided with compassionate precision.”

“New level of trust in the group in the ET, you and the group.”

“Witnessing relief for others and self.”

“Observing my own reactivity developing over time away period, highlighted how regular attendance had been keeping me 'focussed'.”

“Pleasantly surprised by body experience. Often when you are 'being provocative' (interacting), it would make me extremely uncomfortable. It would bring up that mechanism. I appear to be free from it now. Now I'm like 'he's wrestling with unseen forces. Maybe they can get an “aha” like I did.' ”

“Stirring the soup pot, by being provocative, an ensemble of feelings and voices. Image of turning hot buns over so they don't burn.”

“Good, timely, more open/authentic interaction. Shared suffering was revelatory.”

“Hot one. Heat in feet, uncomfortable in body throughout. Happy feeling something beyond myself, even if unpleasant, on the edge of feeling into a larger universe.”

“When you were working with A and B and C, we were really getting into something really powerful.”

“Notice entities things I disregarded before. Big shifts in mood with interactions.”

“Hugely affected by my partner’s moods and others in my life, for seemingly no reason, and have uncomfortable feelings come into my body, like it's another person inside me. Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde kind of thing.”

“Going to center seek my Soul into every part of my body. I'm going to notice the uncomfortable, irritating sensations that are putting some kind of load on my energy and demanding something of me, sometimes quite forcefully, and recognize them for what they are - be they entities, energies, ancestors, moods, or just indigestion.”

“No relatively regular participant would be overly shocked and horrified by this kind of group work, given your track record for direct and often confrontational interaction. The warm up has been going on for years. This has all been building for a long, long time. ”

“Felt I had just returned from a retreat. The world felt different. Went to bed early, slept all night. Appreciated being called out and given a chance to get a decent answer out a couple times. Strange how something gets my tongue when you call on me. Struggling with being authentic. Have the feeling that someday something will open up and this will all become clear, and then I can look back on this and it will all make sense. For now, I'll just have to trust the process.”

“An insight came if one considers and accepts the entire system as corrupt and satanic including all “spiritual” practices etc. the “letting go” happens naturally. Words can’t describe.”

“Wrap up at the end: felt necessary, to allow things to move around and relax so I could enjoy a walk in nature afterwards and not get stuck in my thoughts. A necessary way to energetically clear things so I wasn't too bothered, but still lingering discomfort was useful. It expressed compassion for each individual in the group.”

“Interacting very pointedly with each individual participant, and how you switch between participants and help make connections with us. Helps to remind me that part of our reactions and ways of being have to do with the particular individuals with whom we are around.
Helps me discern what thoughts, feelings, emotions originate from me and what may be someone else's entirely. I ask, "what or who is running the show." Very useful.”

“Revelatory watching transformations happen when you are working individually with a participant, or facilitate 2 participants relating.”

“Watching interactions between you and one participant made her realize that she was taking an entity too seriously (just what the entity wanted and was feeding on) and then she began to laugh and smile and lighten. Her laugh and smile was amazing medicine in that moment. It changed everything.”

“Interesting that something not in your history could have such an effect on you, and yet something you know about in your history does not effect you. ”

“Made me realize I am so busy scrutinizing myself after someone's reactions afraid I did something subconsciously I don't know about, that I haven't had much practice trusting what I know, which is often that the other person is reacting to something that has nothing to do with me, and I just happened to reveal someone else’s Achille’s heal by taking care of myself or being truthful.”

“Get the impression that entities, and issues of us being clear, clean and real (for lack of better words) have a lot to do with interactions or reactions to sexual things?
And that is why it comes up so frequently? Like Covid and the vaccine? It is not just about the issue but about the greater lies, deceit and ignorance that comes with it that is a "pervasive" issue and leaks into all the other ways we repress ourselves and don't live?”

“Our egos get tossled around sometimes, our insecurities, and our "beliefs" that keep us settled, but I have never experienced Transmission, or how you work with It, harm a person. It is a benevolent force. Our capacities may not always be ready for it, and I think you have experienced that through stories you have told.”

“I am not sure if you can know ahead of time how participants will respond, but you do pretty well with in the moment, on the fly things that come up. You are always having to be one step ahead of entities and our false identity gunk. I can feel you doing that because for you, you just do it because you have to for any transformation to occur. For me, my compassion scale climbs off the charts knowing that is what's happening.”

“A turning point in the group, I hope we can keep up the momentum in the AGs.”

“Witnessed how being honest, open, patient and persistent with absolute focus can bring about honesty, truth and positive change in another.”

“Will have more fun, focused patience, and be fearlessly compassionately honest with myself and others.”

“The “work” has begun and this is the reason I attend these events. although I would never have said that before now. I never know how the ET is working under the surface interactions but you masterfully question, focus and direct to enable movement expression and release.”

“Recognising that getting blissed out or blasted by the ET each week is potentially a waste of time and could be spiritual entities at play feeding, has shifted the focus to the work needed…..clearing everything unwanted and unnecessary out of the body including the Identity.”


The gravitational pull of the system weakens like a death star about to implode. Only now can you escape.

It's hopeful to see the beauty in every way in every day, to be grateful for our loved ones and nature, when one is still within the system. Instead of focusing on a rat race ship that is sinking, reach out and touch somebody's soul. It will instantly bring you back to reality, and the gravity of the situation.

Wake up, soul! We are going to find a way out! It's surprisingly easy.

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