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Unsticking Subversive Subjective Reality Control Mechanisms

Handle with Care: Real Connection

Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2022, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Connecting to Goodness

Connecting to Goodness

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Unsticking subversive subjective reality control mechanisms, Getting to Happiness by Unsticking Suffering: Subjective objective reality, catching pre-conscious, non-conceptual drivers of human, ending stuckness and paralysis, non-mystical, direct and grounded without belief, eschewing and controlling subjective reality, the mechanism of false persecution, beliefs and stuck states.


“Engaging. Packed full of insightful lessons, to build on itself in a certain, for now unnamed, direction.

“Questions that have been forming for a long while and have crystallized out of the undifferentiated space.”

“Specific insights came to me.”

“Begin to notice that I do things (like overeating, or maybe even sleeping on my stomach) in order to avoid becoming more conscious.”

“See that the things that bother me in my life are actually things that I am stuck holding onto, or stuck resisting.”

“Haven't yet come to complete understanding of what was being conveyed. I focused into the group Energy well and took notes: "We are moved by currents of energies or sensations." ”

“Very good though I don’t remember much. I am using the meetings as a kind of environment or atmosphere to express my troubled thoughts and feelings internally. I then hear the sound of the thoughts within the shifting context you are offering. At the moment I am often coming into the meetings feeling quite gloomy and in need of respite and reorientation.”


The desire to be seen, held, loved and accepted is often suppressed, typically because of hurt or lack of availability, it not only never goes away but initiates complex compulsions in a circuitous attempt to gain fulfilment, security and satisfaction. Those attempts often create irrational, complicated and bizarre behaviours.

For a happier, less dramatic life, we must explore the pump-like action of the Love Exchange Mechanism that sucks and distributes vital energy to all parts of our self and others.

The Love Exchange Mechanism cannot be switched off, which means that when it is unsuitably situated it will disastrously pump less-than-happy energy, unless adequate remedies are found.

It's worth knowing about the Love Exchange Mechanism, so that you can improve the quality of your life.

It's advantageous, but not necessary, to have attended this season's live (or replay) classes to acquire a good foundation.

Enlightenment Transmission
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Worth carefully watching with the volume off to deepen your insight: Enlightenment Transmission

VIDEO: Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana
Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

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