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Love, Healing, Forgiveness & Living for Others

A fuller understanding of returning to your natural innocent self

Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2022, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Transferring Goodness

A Perfect Day

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A fuller understanding of returning to your natural innocent self. Love, healing and forgiveness. Bringing sense, meaning and order to inner chaos and perceptual distortion. The road to Enlightenment. 2 hours 18 minutes of guidance.


“You were right; it was a good fit for me.”

“My friend's recording studio seemed totally different.”

“I'm urinating more frequently than usual. Transmission detox?”

“I was somehow "pulled" to where a beautiful print of Buddha sitting on a lotus flower was wall mounted. My mind went blank and my body heated up.”


The concepts are abstract, they don't point to themselves, but something beyond. Ironically, having never entered the suggestion box of consensual social reality, they retain, far from the madding crowd, their essential authenticity and freshness, given a remarkable shelf life shorter than a Luminous Flying Squid's emission.

Whether English be your first language or not, searching for meaning within statements of faith is patently false, unlike life that never gave birth to words.

These words are a dangle, not mangled, an experiment within a greenhouse that yields not even green tomatillo. To those who never listened, it had already spoken, and to those who listen with apparent intent it has never been heard.

This event offers no guarantor or warranty, for otherwise it would already be unboxed. And what price freedom? By any means necessary.

Only for the few, and then some only.


The initial event title included the original premise "The Transference of Absolute Goodness": Everyone wants goodness but how do they try to get it, what do they usually get and what needs to change? The pre-event title was "Enlightenment Beyond the Box: By All Means, Necessary". The post event title reflects the actual content.

Enlightenment Transmission
YouTube Videos

Worth carefully watching with the volume off to deepen your insight: Enlightenment Transmission

VIDEO: Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana
Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

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