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Personal Guidance

Oshana One-to-Ones

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008, 11:00 EET - 19:00 EET

spiritual explanation  A single meeting with Dave Oshana can be a life-changing event. Remarkable participant testimonials reveal dramatic benefits in every area of life including awareness, health, relationships and lifestyle. These staggeringly amazing results happen because of the LifeForce Energy Healing Transmission. Oshana is just the messenger, a delivery boy. The Transmission is your own energy trying to awaken you, heal you and improve your life situation.

A One-to-One is your personal time, away from the group and the distractions of your daily life. You can chill, sit in silence, ask questions, express yourself and explore issues which you would not normally be able to do in other circumstances. You can even attend a One-to-One to just see what would happen. Do not be surprised if you are surprised by what you start to experience with your inner senses.

One-to-One Structure
One-to-Ones should be booked in advance.
The normal duration is 1 hour. 2 hour bookings can be arranged.
Couples can book a One-to-Two.
Special times are sometimes available but never on group teaching days.
When you book please specify your availability times.
If you have never met Dave or attend a public event then a few questions will be asked to ensure that you understand what a One-to-One is.
Internet One-to-Ones can be booked by students who cannot travel to Helsinki.

Prices vary according to location. One-to-Ones in Helsinki currently cost 55€ per hour and One-to-Twos are 70€

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