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Your Relationship To The Spiritual Work Jesus Started

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008, 15:00 EEST - 3:00 EEST

jesus  Easter Sunday, the day Jesus rose from the dead.

Jesus never died. You sense that? His life, work and mission are still with us today. Never born, never died.

There has always been an escape ladder spanning the vastness between the material realm and the ineffable beauty of heaven - our spiritual sky, our home.

For thousands of years humans have lived in spiritual darkness. Ignorant of their true nature and purpose they have wrought untold destruction, where instead they could have brought great harmony and prosperity for all sentient beings. Even basic knowledge like how to properly welcome in new human life has been lost.

Jesus came to rectify the situation and never left. Jesus brought an all-knowing and wise spiritual helper energy which would stay with us and be available in our darkest hour, out time of need, if we just call out to it: The LifeForce Healing Energy (The Transmission)

To be allowed to do his work Jesus paid a price, not only on Easter Friday, but for every moment here on Earth. The spiritual teacher always shoulders the burden of his students so that they can at least raise up their heads to see the spiritual sun to which they must journey to become free.To assist this process a healing energy issued forth from Absolute Consciousness, the source of The Creation. That energy is known today as the Enlightenment Transmission because it has the power to make everyone it touches truly free and wise, in a word, to enlighten.

In Jesus' day the Enlightenment Transmission was known as the Holy Spirit.

The same Enlightenment Transmission continues to propagate itself on the planet today through humans sufficiently free of ego to follow its guidance.

The Enlightenment Transmission has a plan and a timetable but the successful completion of that plan depends on our response -- whether, we stay in the old world energy or bravely enter the new world energy.

Dave Oshana continues in the heart and spirit of Jesus by sharing the Enlightenment Transmission and Teaching with all who are lead to receive it.

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Teaching starts:

  • 16:00 (4pm) in Helsinki
  • 14:00 (2pm) in London
Future classes are on 27 Apr, 04 May, 11 May, 18 May & 25 May

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