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Fully Sharing Ever-Deepening Love

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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 16:00 - 4:00 Your Time:

Teacher: Dave Oshana

We come from Love and return to Love and in between we try to get some Love while still in the physical form on Earth.

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This live online class is about love - the all-important prime motivating universal force and basic human existential need.

Previous classes have explored the different aspects of love including parental, family, social, spiritual and sexual. This class will help you identify, focus upon and expand your experience of the essential, primal love energy before it expresses itself through any particular form.

Thus, you will be able to contact your deepest needs to give and receive love in any situation whilst remaining true to yourself and your core inner values.

The view taken is that we are essentially love machines involved in an endless cycle of love interaction and exchanges. Our lives grow richer when this basic impulse is allowed and poorer when it is frustrated. Finding your full and true expression is a fundamental goal of the Oshana Spiritual Enlightenment Teaching.

When love is correctly and appropriately shared in every situation then one's experience of self and others is expanded and mutual wellbeing levels are raised.

Love is what causes us to incarnate. Love is what we seek upon arrival, throughout the whole of our lives and the only place where we can rest when our journey is over. Therefore, contacting and fully connecting to Love is supremely important and makes a huge difference to life quality.

Learn and experience about this vitally important subject when you join me on Sunday online for this special live internet class. You only need a comfortable place to relax and listen.

To experience the Live Transmission Teaching: book your live internet audio class online at daveoshana.com.

Further Live Transmission & Enlightenment Teaching classes continue on 27th February 2011. Always note the start time for your time zone.

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Please be aware that the Enlightenment Transmission is extremely powerful, so make sure you drink enough water and take a relaxed posture, preferably on your back with cushion under you head and knees.

Replays of all previous online classes are available upon request at  daveoshana.com

Class Duration: 1 hour +
Price per listener: 15€ via electronic bank transfer (suitable for Finnish bank account holders) (Paypal 15€ when using Paypal Gifting (from certain countries only) or add an additional 1€ for Paypal's admin fee (making 16€). Payment instructions are on the daveoshana.com bookings page)

Practical Details

But that are some practical details that you should test NOW, and well before class, to ensure that you are in the front row and comfortably tuned in. It's all rather simple. Even an old Windows 98 user can tune in. And your PC probably has everything that you need if you have listened to music or watched film online.

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1. You need Flash Player
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5. Be logged in 1 hour before class when we switch audio streams and see which player plays best.
6. Relax and listen. You're in!

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Dave Oshana is a spiritual teacher who teaches a fully comprehensive belief-free results-based spiritual system which involves direct experience and practical living.