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Sacred Hand Positions and Visualizations to Reconnect Creation

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Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 17:00 - 18:30 Your Time:

Teacher: Dave Oshana

Connect up the splits in your mind. Harmonize left and right. Balance East and West. Bring your life within the flow of Creation by removing separation. Feel the joy and certainty of Oneness.


Learn some simple, God-given tools to be truly effective within your experience of existence as spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana, shares his intimate expression of Enlightenment.

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Mankind is divided - families, tribes, relationships too - because the mind is divided. The mind fights itself and the source which gives it life. Deliberately split, separating itself from the Creation, “ the mind is in rebellion and it is pulling you into the ominously growing crack which it creates.

Left and right, East and West, male and female, elder and younger – what could bring draw close the opposites and thereby bring harmony and unity to this perilous state?

Fortunately, the mind is within your department. It is not only under your nose but also under your control. The old adage “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” applies . Your mind could be your friend. This online class is interested in deriving the best from your mind for the good of all.

We are blessed because the Creator has provided us with tools to fix situations, to bring alignment, peace, harmony and balance. Those tools are visualization, your mind's ability to connect to reality not imagination, and the alignment of your hands and fingers. The supplied solution is satisfyingly simple because it does not involve complex efforts such as complicated mantras or asanas. So many good things happen in your bed, the home of rest, for example “The Hands-Free Healing Massage Meditation”). And now the hand positions and visualizations, which I will teach you, will directly reveal to you the energetic power within your body and self.

In the fractured mind things are constantly breaking apart, but by simply bringing your hands together you can bring healing, hope and new growth. Join me in this bright new future which we can co-create instantly and immediately, literally as quick as clicking of the fingers.

Get ready for the next step: Enlightenment - the journey of zero distance