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The Final Step to Getting Fully and Permanently Enlightened

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Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 17:00 - 5:00 Your Time:

Teacher: Dave Oshana

What you really need is someone or something which will open your eyes, not close them or cover them with jargon and impossible practices. If you don't then you won't get to know why you are not getting to wake up. You quite likely think that you should wake up if you are earnest and devout, but something eludes you, does it not?

retreat sunset sea Pre-2012 Newsflash: Repeated attempts to awaken the eternal souls trapped within the perishable human form once again met with massive resistance even in the face of clear warnings of death, destruction and disaster. It seems that the in-dwelling spirits like their temporal home - and that no matter how messed up their lives, economies and ecosystem, they are there to stay. Last night at midnight the channel broadcasting the cries of the souls wishing to awaken went dead. More news as it comes in. Stay tuned.

Enlightenment, which simply means to know yourself, is not a special attainment or an award but a natural state of self-awareness. The state of self-realisation exists in an ungrounded form at birth. During a natural course of development the self-realised state becomes ground into the human body and identity. When this development is obstructed then the self-realised state goes underground.

If the life force energy of the soul and the natural forces of the Universe conspire to bring the incarnate soul to full self-awareness then what on Earth could prevent Enlightenment from happening? Simply, one tiny decision which has huge, cataclysmic consequences for the harmony of the human race and this planet. That decision is simply: the decision to not wake up. The message of the incarnate soul, in-absentee and in error, is “Thanks, I like it here. I don't wish to wake up and I am not coming back.” All this defiance in the face of very clear, patently obvious and unswerving evidence that human life and the very ground underfoot is temporary and perishable. Even the planet will eventually erode! Nothing in the created physical Universe lasts forever – not at least anything that would that you could stand on.

Ultimately, it is the soul's choice whether to stay or to go now. But the soul makes the choice because the mind-created identity has not started to see through the illusion that the human body and Earth are not your permanent home. In fact, they are very temporary. Relative to the lifetime of the Universe, your human lifetime is insignificant. If it was part of a 2 hour movie, it would appear for less than a billionth of a second, far to short for the human eye to notice.

Your spiritual journey to liberation and self-realisation starts with questioning existence, your life and your identity. In fact, all assumptions must be viewed with scepticism until proven true because behind the flimsy projections of the mind the Truth might just be awaiting to be revealed.

But as you question, things get hazy. A tree is not a tree it is a scary monster. The mountains are not mountains they are mustard. A pipe is not a pipe, it is a picture hanging in the Tate Modern. At this stage, nothing makes sense, except that sense must exist. People speak, lips move, but nothing comes into focus. Life seems bland. As you call out for help, revelation occasionally comes. You live for those moments.

At this point, you yearn to read and hear clarity in language; not speculative questions, not tradition bound statements, not something which your own mind was capable of creating and trapping you within.

You look for others who are questioning. You wonder is anyone awake? Does anyone know what is going on? You seek now in the world of words and discourse. You bend and stretch your mind even more than ever before. You huff and you puff to get your tongue-tied questions answered but certainty evades you. All around you find yourself in the company of those who nod and wink as they speak knowingly about abstract concepts so knowingly that you think you must have inadvertently missed to the school bus to the Enlightenment 101 class. Round and round in circles you go from one spiritual camp to another. Your head turning between teacher and questioner more than a visitor on Centre Court at Wimbledon. You listen but you cannot hear, you watch but there is nothing that registers. You seem to be lost - and you are. You are in the wrong place.

Most seekers end up in philosophy clubs which claim, falsely, to be schools of awakening. From these you will only learn words, concepts and push-ups. You will get good at fitting your ceremonial robes, chanting obscure texts and making strange sounds and twisting your flexible parts – but you won't, not even for a moment, awaken.

What you really need is someone or something which will open your eyes, not close them or cover them with jargon and impossible practices. If you don't then you won't get to know why you are not getting to wake up. You quite likely think that you should wake up if you are earnest and devout, but something eludes you, does it not?

Listen in on this live online classes this Sunday if you want the answer. How does it feel to realise that you might eventually wake up?

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Dave Oshana is a spiritual teacher who teaches a fully comprehensive belief-free results-based spiritual system which involves direct experience and practical living.