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The Inexorable Pull Towards The Event Horizon

Your future cannot be resisted
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Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 17:00 - 19:00 Your Time:

Teacher: Dave Oshana

Your future cannot be resisted

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From deep within the Ego State there is a tendency to deny the present, avoid the future and long for the past. Yet all the evidence suggests that the future draws ever closer, looming larger on your personal event horizon. There's no denying or getting away from it. 'Duck and cover' is completely ineffective here. What has started will also finish. And what has never existed will suddenly appear.

Whereas the Ego denies facts, the Soul embraces them. Manifest Reality is the gift of the Unmanifested, i.e. Consciousness, to the Soul. The natural state of the Soul is acceptance. The Ego, on the other hand, refuses to accept the basic conditions of Existence. In denial and rebellion, it prevents the human being from knowing its Creator – also known as God or Consciousness.

The human being is ruled over by two almighty powers – the God of the Day and the God of Night or in other words, the Light and the Dark. The Light illuminates everything while the Dark covers everything up. Human beings can only cleave to one of these two powers. The spiritual seeker finds themself between them and must make a choice… or forever suffer the agony of being neither here nor there.

Humanity has been on a path of self-destruction from the moment it embraced the cloak of Darkness. Becoming Enlightened is to separate the human body from the Darkness and return it back to the Light. The cells of the body become filled with the Light, which is an intensely pleasurable and reassuring sensation.

All of Creation is being drawn inexorably into the Light. Scientists declare that The Universe is disintegrating. The physical creation is being divested of its form. Naked and without particles, there is just Light. The micro lights of Creation will join the Light of Consciousness.

Every soul knows where it is going as certain as a homing pigeon on its way home. Join me in this live online class to be taken on an experiential journey by the Enlightenment Transmission as It illuminates the darkness and connects you to the Light – your inexorable future.