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Easter Online Intensive Series

The Ascension: The Jesus Enlightenment Transmission Easter Online Intensive

Can we understand Ascension from this physical dimension?

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 19:00 - 22:00 Your Time:

Teacher: Dave Oshana

Easter Monday. Day 4 of ‘The Spiritual Rebirth Easter Online Intensive Marathon’.

Ascension implies another important stage of life to come after life, death and resurrection. If the truth about Ascension is undiscovered then the full value of life will be unknown.

In the Jesus Story, Ascension presents the reader with an unanswered puzzle. Why did Jesus leave again after returning via resurrection? Every stage of Jesus' birth, life, execution and resurrection presents evidence of astronomical efforts made to make a contribution to this world. Why leave so soon after the long awaited opening has just been started?

To understand Ascension, we first have to have understand life, death and resurrection. Fortunately these were explored in the first 3 days.

Resurrection would seem like the ultimate in life providing immortality and the ability to stay connected to loved ones in the physical dimension. Ascension might seem like the abandoning of the benefits of resurrection. But is resurrection enough? Might resurrection have certain limitations? If so, what are those limitations and what is required to go beyond them.

Ascension, if it is part of life, cannot be a final stage because a life that ends would be a life that has no meaning. Meaning is found in eternity. Therefore, Ascension would have to be a continuation, a life without end. Can we contemplate that from this physical dimension? You are going to find out in this last day of the Easter Rebirth series. You have travelled far in a short time and recovered the tools for living fully.

Find Your Rebirth, Wherever It May Be

Find Your Rebirth, Wherever It May Be