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Free Lecture

Awakening, Enlightenment Transmission and Freedom from Ego

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006, 18:00 EET - 20:00 EET

spiritual_teacher_explains  Source Consciousness has a way to save the incarnate soul of every man, woman and child trapped within the narrow prison of the ego's altered reality. That way is the Enlightenment Transmission, the highest, most intelligent energy flow that has ever entered the Creation.

The Transmission brings awakening, soul consciousness, opens energy channels, cleans acupuncture qi-meridians, nadis and chakras, brings healing miracles and initiates natural psychic abilities. Most importantly, the Transmission shines a light in the darkness of the material world for the soul to follow across the treacherous sea of illusion (samsara) all the way back to the spiritual home, the Unmanifest. Our spiritual home, the Unmanifest, is place of unlimited bliss, peace and knowledge and is beyond suffering, disease and death.

The only task for the spiritual seeker making the homeward journey is to throw off the unwelcome "help" of the ego which will try to distract, trip and trap him on every step of the way. The Transmission nullifies the ego and gives the seeker space to see the way ahead and recover his energies.

2000 years ago, Yeshua ben Josef (Jesus Christ), a light shining in the darkness, brought a gift to the world, the Ruach ha-Kodesh of Hashem (Holy Spirit of God, a.k.a. the Comforter). 2000 years later, by the Grace of Source, Dave Oshana has been empowered to share the same awakening energy, the Enlightenment Transmission.

Many people have been fortunate to experience the uplifting and freeing effects of the Enlightenment Transmission in Finland, UK and USA. You now have an opportunity to connect to a divine energy which could change you forever, in this life and the next.

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Lecture in English.

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